A Korean Man’s Instructional Video on Game of Thrones Accents

A Korean Man’s Instructional Video on Game of Thrones Accents

You might remember a vlogger by the name of KoreanBilly who became famous for his videos on British dialects and U.S. vs UK accents.  If not you can always check out his Youtube page which has developed a solid following of 46,000 subscribers.   Here’s his description of the page: Hello, I’m Korean Billy! I love the world of various kinds of languages, especially dialects, as well as British culture!  And from his own accent it sounds as though Billy himself is British, though there’s definitely Korean in there as well.  Honestly it’s an accent I don’t think I’ve ever heard.   I feel like this is the kind of page that Sheldon Cooper would create.  It’s nearly as bland as “fun with flags.”   Still though, Billy owns the accent analysis niche so he should be proud.

Anyway, for all you Korean Billy fans, he’s back.  And this time he’s talking about Game of Thrones.  In the below collaboration between KoreanBilly and Mashable, Billy explains why the characters from the North of Westeros speak differently to those from the South.  He goes into a tremendous amount of detail so fans of GOT will be able to appreciate this.   Also since GOT is like 17 years away, this will give you something to chew on today.

Plenty of time for you to hone in on that Jon Snow impression before the start of Season 7.


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