The Five Happiest Bold and The Beautiful Moments of 2020

Bold and the Beautiful fans know that many people find love and happiness, but they don’t really find it on this show. The people who live and love in LA just don’t seem to have the best luck when it comes to happiness in their lives. They find it, they lose it, and they don’t know what else to do in their lives. There’s so much trauma, so much backstabbing, and so many people who simply don’t find happiness here, and it’s hard for us to find happy moments on the show. There are some, but they’re often minimized by the fact that fans know that happy moment is going to be so short-lived it’s almost not worth the time it takes to be happy about it. However, we found a few moments that brought us joy, and we thought we might share those with you.

Katie’s Recovery

It wasn’t an easy year for her, and she’s still struggling with Bill and her sister and their inability to do anything healthy when it comes to her and her own life. But, she’s better. She was close to death without the transplant she was given. She thought she might not survive to see her son grow up, to be with her family anymore, and she was devastated. Katie might not always make the best choices or do the right things in life, but she certainly does make us feel. She makes us feel so much, and we were overjoyed with the happiness that occurred when she came out of surgery all right and was told she will live a long and healthy life. It was the best moment.

Brooke and Ridge’s Reunion

May we take a moment and make it clear that we do not personally feel this is a happy moment? They’re a hot mess, always have been, and they always will be. However, they do have a lot of fans who are rooting for them every single step of the way every single time we turn around. People love them, they love the love that they have for one another, and they do appreciate this couple. More people than not were overjoyed when they decided to reunite when he decided he could not go through with a wedding – a second one – with Shauna. We didn’t care for it. He was happier with Shauna, but this made fans happy.

Flo’s Sacrifice

We didn’t feel that she and Wyatt made a better couple than Wyatt and Sally, but we do know there is little to nothing she will not sacrifice to ensure that Wyatt is happy. When she was in the doghouse with everyone in town, she gave her kidney to Katie so she could live. She knew Katie and Wyatt had a fling before, but she also knows he loves and cares deeply for Katie. She knew she couldn’t let her die when she was a match. Additionally, she also allowed Wyatt to go back to Sally when she was allegedly dying knowing that it would make the rest of Sally’s life happy before her death. If nothing else, Flo makes some big sacrifices for Wyatt and those he loves, and that’s something that does make us happy.

Bill and Katie’s Reunion

We know we are taking it way back right now, but the beginning of the year looked so promising for them. They were so happy together, and he promised he was a changed man. Those of us who know Bill Spencer knew this would never be true if Brooke Logan, Katie’s own sister, had her way when she felt like it – and she did later feel like it – but the time that they pledged to be a family and Bill spent his time focusing on his youngest son vowing to be a good father to him knowing he did not do that for his oldest sons was a beautiful time. We are sad he messed that up with Brooke, again, but we did love it in the time.

Ridge’s Time in Vegas

When Ridge headed off to Vegas with Shauna, they had the time of their lives. We’ve never seen Ridge so happy, so relaxed, and having so much fun without a care in the world. We knew this time in his life was going to end before it began because of Brooke and her inability to ever just let him live his life, but we also knew that we needed to enjoy his happiness. And, boy, did we.

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