The Five Best Sabrina Carpenter Songs of Her Career

The Five Best Sabrina Carpenter Songs of Her Career

Sabrina Carpenter is a big deal and worth taking note of, but if you haven’t heard of her at this point then you might not have younger kids or you might not watch what she’s been doing for a while now. It’s okay, keeping up with everything that’s new and hot is kind of difficult even for the vast number of writers that take it upon themselves to know and report on these things. But Sabrina has been making her way up in the acting and music industries since 2011 and has come quite a ways so far, becoming a known commodity in TV and in music as she’s won a couple of awards and been nominated for a few more. That alone speaks volumes about her level of talent and the fact that she’s still young enough to have a lot more to be discovered as she keeps pushing forward. The sky’s not the limit these days, it’s just the next horizon.

Here are some of her best songs so far.

5. Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying

When a younger person asks why things have to be so complicated you can’t help, as an older person, but laugh and wonder if they have even an inkling of what’s still to come. Of course some young folks don’t, but to be honest it’s not something they need to worry over too much since being young and having fun while doing what it takes to keep moving forward is the overall goal, right? Those days that we can all remember that just don’t go right and seem to lead into nothing more than a series of mishaps come along, and we deal with them. You just keep going and keep on trying.

4. Smoke and Fire

Some might think that the younger generations don’t know as much about love, loss, and the memories that they bring so often, but let’s be honest, by the time your’e a certain age you’ve experienced a fair amount of things in life that might give you a distinct outlook that isn’t to be discounted. While some folks might still be kind of vapid when it comes to understanding matters of the heart and what it really takes to understand how it all works between two individuals there are those that have a pretty good idea of what it means. Even so, the experiences yet to come teach us all a little more at various points in our lives.

3. Almost Love

Love and relationships are definitely two very popular recurring themes in many songs that a lot of people want to hear over and over. One thing you can say about Sabrina is that she knows how to add sex appeal in her videos though in some ways it might almost make some people feel as they did when Brittany Spears first came out, that she’s kind of young to be doing such things on camera. Well, she’s a legal adult to be honest, and if it makes you feel funny then stop watching. The more you think a certain way about what you watch then the more uncomfortable you’re bound to feel. It’s a music video, enjoy and don’t feel any way about it.

2. Thumbs

The viewpoint of those that are younger and haven’t done as much yet sometimes seem to make older folks laugh but also take a look at their own lives and come to realize that a younger viewpoint isn’t wrong so much as it’s incomplete sometimes. It’s true, we all ascribe to the same rat race in one way or another, but what some people don’t seem to realize is that as much as one person gets paid in relation to another we’re all doing the same thing at one point or another. Those that work the 9 to 5 or longer and those that make the millions doing what they love are basically doing the same thing, working for the pleasure of someone else, and if they’re lucky, for themselves.

1. Why

What makes the differences between people work? Well, that’s a million-dollar question that goes into what makes relationships work and why they’re worth the work and the hardship that goes into them so often. The chemistry between people isn’t always perfect, but people still manage to get along and make something work between them when they experience such vast differences that might otherwise tear them apart. If there’s something strong enough to keep them together then the differences cease to matter after a while, as acceptance becomes more important than counting the ways you’re different from one another. Why anyone works together is a question that has a multitude of answers since it becomes a question that is best asked to each individual couple. It seems rare that you’d get the same answer twice that often.

Definitely keep an eye on this young woman, she seems bound to take off in her career eventually.

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