The Best Uses of Bee Gees Songs in Movies or TV

The Best Uses of Bee Gees Songs in Movies or TV

It’s kind of amusing really but this band took some time to really get rolling and at one point they had to perform on the back of a truck on a speedway. The crowd would then toss money at them and they got to keep whatever went onto the track. This seems like it might have been kind of demeaning and even a little less dignified than most acts but it was what they had at that time and before they got big it was what they relied on. People have to remember that just decades ago things were quite different and while fame wasn’t quite as hard to come by it was still an elusive thing if no one knew who you were. That being said however the Bee Gees did eventually gain a great deal of recognition as their band started taking off and more and more people began to hear about them and started listening.

Here are some of their songs as performed in movies and TV.

5. The Conjuring 2 – I Started A Joke

Ed and Lorraine Warren have in their time taken on things that many people simply don’t understand, but this movie and the one before it were given to the audience in a much different way than events really occurred, largely for the entertainment value. People love to be scared, there’s no better explanation for it since each and every time a horror movie comes out an audience will gather. This time it was focused upon a case of possession in which the spirit of an elderly man was being manipulated by something much, much worse that almost ended up killing Ed and the young girl they’d gone to see.

4. Baywatch – How Deep Is Your Love

It’s hard to tell if it was just the critics or the people that actually saw the movie but personally I thought this film was absolutely hilarious. Sure it didn’t conform to the original Baywatch as much as possible, but that was the point. The original Baywatch was back then, this is now. The crew was enjoyable and amusing and the updated humor might have been kind of gross now and again but it was gutbusting in its intensity and delivery. The actors were perfect for their parts and while the story was kind of like something you’d see on TV it was still developed just enough to make a decent movie.

3. Ghostbusters – You Should Be Dancing

This is another movie that people have lambasted. Sure, as a fan of the original Ghostbusters it was kind of hard to swallow that the crew would be all female, but the group was comprised of enough talented individuals that it wasn’t all that bad. It’s true that making it into a tribute or homage of some sort by bringing back the originals in their actual roles would have been great, except for Harold Ramis as he passed away, but overall this movie wasn’t the most horrible thing to ever come along. Those that want to tear it down are those that usually can’t stomach change in any way, shape, or form.

2. Ready Player One – Stayin’ Alive

For being a movie set in the future this film is all about retro and the blasts from the past just keep coming with every second. Wade and his group of friends are bound and determined to find the hidden keys that the creator of the Oasis, Halladay, has hidden in several far-flung corners, and to do this they must review and go over every last bit of pop culture and lore that Halladay ever enjoyed concerning the past. They’re not the only ones searching however, as IOI, a company that’s as ruthless as it is vast, is right on their heels and doing their best to take over the Oasis in search of mass profit and subjugation of the one thing that so many people rely on.

1. The Walking Dead – Spicks and Specks

At this point it’s a fine time to remember that Rick wasn’t always the good guy in the show, even though a lot of people would argue for this. He was one of those that helped people survive and made the hard decisions that needed to be made sometimes, but he had his faults as well. When he and his group reached Alexandria they were welcomed in and he got to resume his life as a lawman, but when his eyes started to wander and he decided that he wanted to start a life with another woman, the difference between him and Shane started getting less and less the more he thought about how much he wanted her.

The BeeGees have been heard up and down pop culture’s vast hallways for decades now and it doesn’t seem as though their voices are ever going to go away.

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