The Five Best Uses of Katy Perry Songs in Movies or TV

It’s hard to imagine but Katy Perry used to be a gospel singer when she first started out. When she tried to use her real name and become a hit however things didn’t go the way she wanted, but after moving out to LA and changing things up she became an instant hit and was on her way to super stardom in a big hurry. She’s had a few missteps along the way it would seem but she’s an opinionated and very strong woman so it’s kind of expected that things are going to get a little rough occasionally when it comes to what she says and what she does. But overall she’s been extremely popular with so many people that her views and lifestyle are hers and don’t really need to reflect her talent in any way since she’s good at what she does and she enjoys being where she’s at.

Here are just a few uses of some of her best songs to date.

5. Lip Sync Battle – Teenage Dream

Lip Sync Battle is one of those shows that a lot of people tend to wish they could get on and just sing their heart out on stage while mouthing the words to their favorite songs. When the stars get up there and get going people absolutely lose their minds since the stage acts that the stars put on are absolutely awesome. Not all of them have been that way since in the beginning it seemed like a few stars didn’t take the time to do any choreography or take any special measures to make the show that much better. But for the most part the show has been absolutely phenomenal as each star trots out on stage and starts lip syncing.

4. Baywatch – Roar

It’s amazing that so many people felt that this film was a flop because quite honestly it was flat out hilarious in many places and had enough sex appeal and action that should have made it one of the favorites of the summer. The belief seems to be however that the movie was so unlike the show in so many ways that fans of the show simply railed against it and decided that it wasn’t worthy of their praise. This is understandable in some ways but otherwise it seems as though the movie suffered just because of those that can’t let go of the past. Plus, poor Ronnie could never seem to catch a break when CJ was around.

3. Sing – Firework

Rosita was one of those characters you can’t help but feel for since she’s got so much on her plate and yet wants something for herself that she never seems to have time for. Her husband means well but he’s got a family to support and a full-time job that takes everything out of him so there’s nothing left when he gets home. But when Rosita does finally get to take the stage she shows everyone that she does have something else to offer and that she is that rare firework that just explodes and ignites the night. This movie was pretty cute overall and it had a lot of good points to it that many would be wise to notice.

2. Dancing With The Stars – Last Friday Night (TGIF)

This is just a fun song that you can easily vibe to and one that DTWS would be expected to have lying around in wait for anyone that just wanted to get on the floor and move. Katy Perry has a habit of creating songs that are able to get you in the mood to move your body and has been doing that since she busted on the scene with the song I Kissed A Girl. Her songs usually have such a great beat to them that you can flow effortlessly across the floor to them and never miss a beat so long as you’re not tone-deaf. Even then it’s fun to just listen and get into the rhythm and enjoy the lyrics.

1. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel – Hot N Cold

You kind of had to wonder after the first movie when the Chipettes would finally arrive and in the second movie they did just that. The Chipmunks had already established their fame and were in no danger of losing it until the Chipettes and Ian arrived. Of course when push came to shove the Chipmunks discovered that their little unit wasn’t as strong as they’d initially believed and it took a real effort to put themselves back on track, and convince the Chipettes that Ian was really up to no good. By the end of the movie however the two groups had finally come together and discovered that they were more in sync than they’d understood.

Katy Perry has a way of making really great songs that are easy to listen, sing, and dance to.

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