The Best Uses of Carrie Underwood Songs in Movies or TV

The winner of the fourth season of American Idol, Carrie Underwood has been racking up Grammy’s and other awards ever since she hit the scene. She’s been prevalent in NFL ads and has been earning her way throughout the country music scene until she’s finally reached the legendary status she’s at now, which is well-deserved in the eyes of many. Her fame is something that you can’t dispute largely because like many others that have reached this point in their career she’s been doing things her own way and blazing her own trail for the most part. To think that she was just another contestant on a popular talent search is hard to fathom since the leaps and bounds her reputation has taken since then are simply amazing. There are people that might not like her music, but she seems like a very easy person to like all the same.

Here are some of her best songs used in TV and movies.

5. The Flash – Somethin’ Bad

The Flash has been kind of a loved and hated show on the CW for a while depending on who you talk to and the fact of the matter is that initially the show was pretty great and it’s currently thought of as decent to great still. But throughout the show’s time on the CW it’s attracted some fans, confused others, and then turned others away with various material that doesn’t seem to make sense or doesn’t follow the source material the way people want. It’s hard to please everyone at any given time, but with a comic book movie it’s almost impossible thanks to the diversity of the fans.

4. The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader – There’s a Place for Us

It kind of goes without saying that the second movie didn’t do as great as the first but in terms of story and effects it really wasn’t bad at all. You might argue that they went a little overboard with the effects in the second movie as though to compensate for the slight lack in the story’s veracity, but unless someone has read the books then they might not even know that anything was amiss. After all a lot of us might have read the original story but given that the cast was well-liked and the movie was well done it stands to reason that it’s not the worst movie that’s ever been created. Of course you’d have to convince the detractors of that.

3. Glee – Last Name

Glee had a great following at one time and despite the chipper and gleeful nature of the show at times it was one of the more popular programs that people were talking about. The show did kind of grate on some folks but that’s what happens in TV and movies, not everyone is going to be pleased or even satisfied by what they see. But what Glee did bring was a chance for a lot of stars to either keep their reputation up and their career moving forward, or it gave them a chance to actually get noticed and become something else as they were given that opportunity to move on once the show was over.

2. Saturday Night Live – Before He Cheats

This is one of the songs that really helped to put her on the map and in the ears of so many audience members at one point. It didn’t matter if a listener was into country music or not, the message and the force with which it was delivered was more than enough to give the song enough of an audience that people fell in love with it immediately. In fact the message was one that far too many people have had to go through in their lives and it could be that it was easy to relate to the words for many women as they might have been thinking of doing something similar to their cheating exes.

1. Enchanted – Ever Ever After

This movie was pretty cute if underrated since it’s all about the stereotypical princess that can talk to woodland animals and then has to deal with a cruel woman that wants her out of the way. So where does she send her? New York of course, where things tend to happen all the time and a story such as this can take on a more epic feel due to the nature of the city and the average attitude of the people. It is kind of a funny movie since the stereotypes are still followed but at the same time they’re kind of parodied as well considering that the princess can speak to more than just woodland creatures and invites a bunch of pigeons and rats into a poor guy’s apartment to help with the cleaning.

Carrie Underwood’s songs are very powerful and easy to like.

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