The Five Best Robert Redford Movies of His Career

Robert Redford is a classic actor no matter how a person feels about him, or if they do at all. Quite honestly he’s one of those that had his time and the glory and is now still around but doesn’t pull the same audience as he used to. Back in the day Redford was the man and he was the kind of guy that women swooned over since he was a handsome and very trim individual that drew the eye and kept it with that easy, personable smile. Now he’s still considered a classic and a legend but at the same time he’s also an old man that has a lot of glory to look back on thanks to his outstanding performances. He’s still around and he’s still great, but his glory days were some time ago and at this point it kind of seems as though he’s decided to relax and enjoy himself. The man is in his 80s after all, and he’s done so many great things that he’s earned his relaxation.

Here are a few movies that were among his best.

5. Sneakers

This one might not get a lot of votes as being one of his best but personally it was a fun and engaging movie that didn’t require a lot of thought but was still entertaining enough since it wasn’t just a buddy movie but it was a group effort with some very great actors. The whole idea of one person controlling all the information that could dominate one country or another or possibly send countries to war based on what it could do is something that a lot of conspiracy theorists might love to sit around and jaw about, but in the movie it was made into something that was life-altering and had to be dealt with on a very serious level, kind of.

4. The Last Castle

I can feel the eye rolls from here since this movie didn’t get a lot of attention compared to Robert’s others and in some cases it wasn’t all that successful. But it did create a compelling story of a man that made one mistake that cost him his freedom despite the fact that he’d become a legend in the US military. For all that however he just wanted to do his time and be done with all of it. But given that his fellow inmates saw him as a beacon of hope and the warden saw him as little more than another prisoner something was bound to happen eventually as egos and wills were set to collide from the beginning.

3. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Butch and Sundance were pretty much cut out for a life of crime since an honest living didn’t seem to appeal to them too much. It didn’t matter that Butch had to reclaim his gang from a would be contender, or that a posse had been formed to take him and Sundance out, they were bound to be outlaws since it was the life they knew and the life they wanted. Of course it would have helped if they’d been just a bit smarter at what they chose to do and learned how to stay away from the law. Of course then there wouldn’t have been as much of a movie to watch, and the legend wouldn’t have grown the way it did.

2. The Sting

This is the kind of film that leaves you wondering just which way you need to turn in order to make sense of who’s scamming who and who’s about to betray the other guy and who’s going to get away with the scam only to be double-crossed by someone you overlooked. Yeah, it’s kind of that complicated since scams tend to be multi-layered and don’t give a lot of warning when they start to pop off. But throughout the movie Redford and Newman do manage to convince the audience of their veracity when it comes to being scam artists, as that’s the main name of the game that sets everything in motion.

1. The Natural

There’s a love for the game that brings some guys back long after their playing days should be over. Hobbs was set to be one of the best in baseball before he was shot in the stomach and could have been someone that made headlines galore throughout his career. But coming back as a rookie in his 30s wasn’t something that anyone would expect to work, and for a while it didn’t seem like it would. But when he started hitting again and reviving his team the Knights started rolling and there was nothing that was going to stop them, not even losing three games with their star player out for the count for a bit.

He’s earned his accolades and everything else that’s come his way without a doubt. No we didn’t forget about Out of Africa but honestly don’t you like him in these five WAY better than that? He was also great in Brubaker and of course a zillion others. Picking five was tough.

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