The Five Best Moments Of Blumhouse’s Dashcam Trailer

The Writer/Director of the surprise horror hit Host returns with another feature that takes place during the pandemic. This time, Dashcam, focuses on Annie, who steals her ex-bandmate’s car, and makes a decision that will change the course of her entire night: she gives an elderly woman a ride. Dashcam features mainly a cast of newcomers such as Annie Hardy and Seylan Baxter, with the film set to be released on June 3, 2022. Here are the five best moments from the horror feature’s recent trailer.

How Did You Find Me?

The first seconds of the trailer showcase the nightlife of Angela’s world. There’s a naked dude proudly righting his bike around town and someone else vomiting like there’s no tomorrow. However, Stretch shows up in the creepiest manner possible, by tracking her location based on her live stream. Given the found footage nature of Dashcam, this will likely result in some type of jump scare at first; however, Rob Savage did an excellent job with his 2020 horror hit Host by delivering suspenseful scares throughout, so it should it interesting to see how the filmmaker transitions from there. Plus, this moment drums up a couple of questions; Just who is a stretch? A fan? A crush? A stalker waiting in the wings to kill Annie? There are plenty of directions to go with these characters, and though the focus isn’t on him so much in the full trailer; hopefully some surprises are in store for the upcoming horror picture.

You Should Go Find Out If She’s Alright

The first few seconds of the trailer also introduce Angela, a seemingly gentle soul who probably wouldn’t hurt a fly. This is a horror movie however, so the classic crazy lady trope applies here. Exactly who is Angela? Is she possessed by the devil? Is she the devil in human form? Is she some other supernatural being not from this Earth? Throughout the trailer, Angela is clearly more than just an ordinary woman, and it should be fun to explore who this old woman truly is. The trailer wisely doesn’t give away the nature of her powers (if she does have any) as it helps the suspense and unpredictably about the situation. Did Annie choose the wrong night to steal her ex-bandmates car? Based on the hell she goes through after picking up Angela, it certainly seems like it. The woman standing in the middle of the street is creepy enough, and its somewhat reminiscent of Mike standing in the corner of the basement in the Blair Witch Project. Hopefully the mystery of Angela is spread out through the film as there’s a lot of mileage Dashcam can get out of that.

She’s Here!

After that creepy scene, the horror continues to build up in the found footage feature. A man is thrown into a stack of dishes. Annie seemingly finds documents that likely give more context on what these characters are dealing with. However, the most freighting moment is when Annie runs up shouting she’s here! before the tree explodes in front of her. It’s a genuinely shocking moment because it’s something unexpected, and more importantly, it officially confirms that all hell has broken loose since Angela has arrived. Hopefully, the trailer didn’t give away their best scares as Dashcam does seem like a fun summer diversion.

Angela Is Standing Behind Stretch Like A Zombie

At this point, it seems that Annie and Stretch have two choices: Uncover the truth and figure out what the hell is going on or run for dear life. It’s still not clear exactly what Angela is (which remains a good thing), but her supernatural shenanigans are terrifying. The most interesting aspect is that we never see Angela’s mouth behind her mask. What exactly did Annie see? You get an extremely quick blur of Angela without her mask here, but the moment is edited so swiftly that’s it’s hard to get a true read on it. Either way, it was another effective horror movie moment that we’ve been better if it wasn’t showcased in the trailer.

Angela In The Back Seat

The trailer leaves off with a huge cliffhanger: Is Angela about to be hit by a car? Given all the chaos and horror that was displayed within the last few minutes, it’s hard to feel sympathy for the villain (?) though since Angela’s exact role here isn’t clear, there’s still a bit of sadness over the possibility over what could happen next. The trailer goes out of its way to show just how bonkers Dashcam will get, but hopefully, it doesn’t replace character development and a solid story.

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