The Five Best Moments From The “Bodies Bodies Bodies” Trailer

The Five Best Moments From The “Bodies Bodies Bodies” Trailer

A24’s latest venture into the land of horror comes Bodies Bodies Bodies, which is also a mixture of comedy as well. The film focuses on rich 20-somethings who have a wild party during a hurricane. Not surprisingly, plans quickly go awry, leaving one of the guests dead and everyone panicking over who could be next. The horror/comedy features Amandla Stenberg, Maria Bakalova, and Pete Davidson. It will be released in theaters on August 5, 2022. Here are the five best moments from the latest trailer.

Someone’s Crying Because of the Game Bodies, Bodies, Bodies

So, this is a dark comedy/slasher that has a mix of Ready or Not, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, and Scream in it. How can this not be awesome? The early goings of Bodies Bodies Bodies showcase the privileged lifestyle that these girls lead. That eventually highlights the toxic nature of these women who happily take Xanax, party, and gaslight each other at a moment’s notice. It’s not easy to pull off a satirical slasher, but in the case of the previous three mentioned films, there has to be a right balance. Bodies Bodies Bodies seems to be going more of the comedy route than horror, and though true horror fans who want to be scared s**tless will be disappointed, this A24 feature is shaping up to be something special. The game, bodies, bodies, bodies, seems like a tortuous form of these girls entertaining themselves. Since these girls live such a privileged life, it’s not a surprise that they added a little drama to the mix. Bodies Bodies Bodies appears to be a social commentary about the modern generation of young adults. It should make for quite an entertaining film because of the truth layered behind the booze and dead bodies.

If You Draw The Piece Of Paper With The X On It Then You’re The Murder

This moment adds an interesting layer to what could’ve happened to their dead friend. Did one of the girls take the game too far by accidentally killing one of their friends? The trailer doesn’t necessarily paint the girls in the smartest light, so it’s extremely possible that the culprit could separate fiction from reality. In some ways, it fits the themes of this horror/comedy. As previously mentioned, Bodies Bodies Bodies is clearly a social commentary piece as well, and perhaps one of those messages is blurring the lines between reality and fiction. Whatever the case may be, this whodunit should provide an added dimension of fun that may ultimately have a meaningful message behind it.

The Girls Screaming

Even though the comedy aspects dominate the trailer, the film doesn’t forget it’s horror roots. Bodies Bodies Bodies won’t likely go down as the scariest film of all time, but the feature isn’t billing itself in that matter. It should be interesting to see how director Halina Reijn blends three genres into one movie.

Greg and David Seem Like Idiots Too

Bodies Bodies Bodies seems to turn the stereotypical slasher tropes on its head. There doesn’t appear to be a virgin in the group. No one there is the slutty one either. And the guys seem as out of touch with reality as the girls. Neither of them aren’t the typical hot jocks like in most films, which makes the movie unpredictable given the fact none of the stereotypical horror characters are present in this film. The horror/slasher doesn’t seem to be mocking the rules or tropes of the genre, as it’s clearly carving it’s own path into something bold and original. Given the high score on rotten tomatoes, Bodies Bodies Bodies could be the sleeper hit of the summer, and more importantly, it could be the Scream of this generation.

You Are So Toxic/I Can’t Believe You Shot Me

“You’re always gaslighting me.” “You f***ing trigger me.” “You are so toxic.” It’s like the writers went to Twitter for inspiration. This isn’t a knock as it further proves that this is a social commentary on the modern generation. What’s clever is that the message is seemingly taking aim at all the negative aspects in such a cheeky and fun manner. It also creates an interesting layer of suspense. Based on these phrases, everyone seems to be the suspect, so how can you trust anyone in this group? Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) comes off as a psycho by saying the second statement. Surely, it can’t be that obvious that she’s the killer, or is she? Bodies Bodies Bodies comes across as wild and messy, but that’s the genius behind the premise. By throwing in real life commentary, it throws us for a loop on who the actual killer might be. Hopefully, the film is as clever as the trailer leads us to believe.

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