A Reanimated Justice League Trailer Using Nicktoons

A Reanimated Justice League Trailer Using Nicktoons

A Reanimated Justice League Trailer Using Nicktoons

I get the feeling that this would work if you plugged in a bunch of different cartoons and really gave it a go but using the Nicktoons to unite them for a reworked Justice League-type trailer is a pretty cool idea. Anyone that’s ever watched Nicktoons will surely recognize the characters being used though since I’ve been away from Nickelodeon for so many years I can’t help but wonder just who they’re using for the main villain. Give me some credit though I did recognize a couple of the heroes that were put into place even though one of them was a real gimme. It’s hard not to recognize Spongebob since he’s kind of been forced on everybody for years in various ways that don’t allow him to stay out of people’s consciousness for long.

But really if you’re like me and haven’t watched Nickelodeon for a good long while, you might not have recognized a few of the heroes, like Timmy Turner, who plays the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Yay, he finally gets to grow up! Shot for shot the animation goes through the movie just as the live action version did as Timmy goes around collecting heroes and speaking to them about the fact that he needs them to rally to the cause of saving the world. His only ally is Wonder Woman, who’s being played by a very mature and suddenly grown up Dora the Explorer. Seriously, she looks tough enough to stand toe to toe with the real Wonder Woman for at least a couple rounds.

Spongebob isn’t hanging out in Atlantis though in this version, he’s back at his favorite haunt, the Krusty Krab. Jimmy Neutron is identified as Cyborg, and Danny Phantom is secluded away in his personal lab where he’s found by Timmy Turner. Shot for shot the Nicktoons Unite is just like the Justice League with only minor differences that have to do with the actual characters and their abilities. Obviously the Nickelodeon sign is going to replace the bat signal and other differences are going to be noticed in regards to the heroes’ outfits since it’s not the Justice League uniting in the animation, it’s Nicktoons.

It’s been a while since the Nicktoons united, and the last time they did Dora wasn’t there to share in the experience. This time however since they were modeling it after the Justice League they needed another character and Dora fit the bill. Her makeover was something that wasn’t expected and left me thinking that she was from the Last Airbender, but once she was revealed it made a lot more sense. Butch Hartman and his team did an awesome job on this animated trailer, especially since it gives the characters a new look and something that more fans can really get behind.

I’ve got to say that if Spongebob had been anything like this from the start I might have actually thought about watching the cartoon more than the five minutes that I did years ago.

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