The Five Best Michael Jai White Fight Scenes

The Five Best Michael Jai White Fight Scenes

The Five Best Michael Jai White Fight Scenes

There are times when it feels as though Michael Jai White is a little overplayed, and it could be due to the fact that he’s another action star that often wins without really being in danger of losing. But if a person actually watches the movies he plays in, a number of his characters have taken their lumps and still walked away. There’s something about an actor that doesn’t want their character to be damaged that’s a little less than convincing since just about every fight that’s ever been seen in the movies should leave at least some mark on the characters that get more than a little rowdy. Throughout the years though, Michael’s acting and his presence have both increased in the movies, and while he’s not a huge movie star compared to many others, he’s still one of those that happens to be a lot of fun to watch if he gets a role that gives him a chance to show his range and also his martial arts skills, which are impressive.  Here are some of Michael Jai White’s best fight scenes. 

5. Never Back Down: No Surrender

It’s not too hard to think that a few fighters might want to try and get away from professional fighting after a while, especially if they’ve had legal entanglements due to the application of their skills outside the ring. Case is the type of guy that still practices his techniques, but in the ring, he’s become more of a mentor in this movie and isn’t really into hurting people all that much. But when he sees the chance to teach people a lesson he does tend to a little overboard at times, especially if the person happens to deserve it. But when he locks up with the biggest fighter in the movie it takes a little extra something to make his point felt. 

4. Exit Wounds

One thing that can be counted on in a Steven Seagal movie is that there will be fighting and it will usually end with Seagal as the winner since it doesn’t matter who he goes up against, the outcome is usually easy to see from a mile off. But he does put up a good fight scene with Michael since the two of them are skilled enough to put on a good show and create something that isn’t soon forgotten. The moment in the fight when the blades are involved is actually kind of cool even though there’s some very obvious wire work going on during the fight, which has had its time and doesn’t enhance every movie fight. 

3. Blood and Bone

There are times when watching Michael roll through opponents is kind of fun since he makes it look effortless and doesn’t have an issue in taking multiple opponents at a time. Bone is a pretty simple individual that’s intelligent as well as tough and knows how to get the kind of results that he wants. The street-fighting he does in this movie is a way to get closer to the guy that he’s trying to take down, and it works pretty well since he’s the only guy on the scene that can’t be stopped. It does become kind of a typical badass vs. the world story, but it’s still interesting enough to give it a watch. 

2. Falcon Rising

This almost feels like Michael is putting on a clinic in this movie since the run through the maze-like area that he finds himself in is the type of action that feels like it could go either way. But when the hero is making his way through the maze one can bet that he’s going to hit just about every shot and clear the bad guys that don’t really matter since they’re not nearly skilled enough to stop him. When he does get to the final fight though it’s pretty clear that there’s only one valid threat, and that’s when there’s a three-on-one situation. Once it becomes one on one again though he takes care of things in a very decisive manner. 

1. Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing

Stuck in prison for something he didn’t do, George Chambers, the role that Ving Rhames took on in the first movie, is back in prison to fight once again, only this time his opponent is even tougher since Boyka is the champion of this particular prison and he’s nowhere near as chill as the last opponent, as he goes out of his way to make it known that he’s the champion that George is meant to acknowledge him. The fight between these two doesn’t go quite as well in the beginning as George’s water is doped, making the fight easier for Boyka, who’s actually disappointed since he wanted George at his best. When George is trained by a fellow inmate however he brings the fight back to Boyka in a big way. 

George Chambers

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