The Five Best Meg Ryan Movies of Her Career

For quite some time now Meg Ryan has been one of the top names that you still hear about on the scene anywhere acting is considered to be a hot topic. She’s been nominated for so many awards it’s hard to count them all and she’s won several as well. Unfortunately one thing about Meg is that she did go the route of so many others and instead of embracing her age as she began to get older she decided to have some work done. While she neither confirms or denies this when asked it’s not as though it’s being hidden since as we age our faces don’t tend to tighten up, they tend to get a bit looser, and for all that she doesn’t want to admit it she did manage to succumb to vanity just as much as anyone else. She’s a great actress, but the whole idea of enhancing yourself seems to be a trend that needs to go away quickly.

Here are some of the best movies of her career that a lot of us likely remember.

5. Innerspace

Any experiment that involves shrinking a human and then injecting them into anything seems like a bad idea from the start. But when it goes awry and that human is injected into another human you can bet that it gets even worse. Considering that the craft had only limited oxygen it seems like a stretch to believe that this all happened in a matter of a few hours, but that does tend to put a lot more excitement into the movie since it’s a race against time to try and save Tuck and to make sure that the bad guys don’t manage to keep the tech and sell it off to the wrong people. It’s a fun movie for the most part.

4. The Doors

To be alive when The Doors were coming up and becoming one of the most popular bands of their time would have been something to see. Jim Morrison is a man that many agree was on a different level than just about anyone else and was always willing to try something new and innovative. Like any movie based upon real life this film no doubt took great liberties at times with the facts and the dates that were shown, but many people tend to agree that the characters were done quite well and stayed fairly true to real life. It would take someone increasingly great to play Morrison, and a cast that was on par to make sure the act worked.

3. Sleepless in Seattle

It’s kind of amusing what draws people together in this life, particularly when they already have a course seemingly set and their lives on track. Annie has everything she could want, but is missing something in her current relationship that just doesn’t feel right. Sam lost his wife and is still grieving, but thanks to his son Jonah he goes on the radio and lets his story out, which is one reason why Annie even bothers to notice him. Eventually the two cross paths, but it’s not until Jonah takes the leap and travels to New York to facilitate a meeting between his father and Annie that things finally begin to turn in the direction that’s desired.

2. Courage Under Fire

War exposes people. It shows who they are inside and reveals just what they’re made of when everything else is stripped away. Saddled with his own guilt and the responsibility of determining whether Captain Karen Walden should be awarded the medal of honor posthumously, Lieutenant Colonel Serling has to find a way to get past his own guilt and also find out from Walden’s fellow soldiers just what happened leading up to the time of her death. While many of those claim that she saved them, only one man offers testimony that she was a coward. Thankfully that man’s word is debunked and her daughter is presented her mother’s medal of honor near the end of the film.

1. When Harry Met Sally

Anyone ever had a woman pull this stunt on them? Granted it is very funny and might even be extremely laughable in real life, but when you realize just what point she’s making many guys might roll their eyes and start to wonder if they’re really as on top of things in any given relationship as they used to think they were. Honestly, that’s kind of a blow to the old ego that a lot of guys might not be able to take, but secure men might think is kind of interesting since it indicates that women aren’t as into them as they really think. Of course she was doing it to prove a point, while in the heat of the moment it could be very real.

She’s a great actress, no debating it.

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