The Best Uses of The Doors Music in Movies

Some bands are great, some are classic, and some are legendary. The Doors are all three and then some. They were also a band that was well ahead of their time considering that they gained a following that continues to grow day by day. As the next generation of music-lovers continues to grow up and get tuned on to the sounds that sparked a musical revolution they begin to realize just why the music of today even exists. If not for The Doors and many others the musical landscape might never have gotten rolling, at least not in the same direction.

Here are just examples of why The Doors are so important to the music and film industries alike.

5. Peace Frog – Waterboy

Sure it’s in the background, sure it’s not given much attention, but it’s a part of the experience that you couldn’t easily do without. Before this film came out some people might never have known about Peace Frog, but just look at how well it fits into this film. Its sound kind of blends into the whole hopeless but hopeful motif, giving a different feeling of depth that there’s something there, you just can’t figure out what, or where.

4. Break On Through To The Other Side – Minions

Had to do this one. Just had to. I’m not a Minions maniac, not their biggest fan, but there’s something about their energy that’s just a little infectious, almost like whooping cough. But for all that the song fits so nicely into a villains convention that this one just had to be included.

3. Love Her Madly – Forrest Gump

Did you ever wonder when watching this film why Jenny would never seem to take a chance on a guy that would really pay attention to her and give her the love she knew she wanted deep down? It was irritating, right? Somehow and for some reason she was drawn to the guys that would abuse her and take her for granted. And just like the song says, “don’t you love her as she’s walkin’ out the door”. I’m sure a lot of guys she ran with could have said that, sadly.

2. Alabama Song – The World’s End

The whimsy to this song is perfect as it holds with the movie so well. Plus, they’re moving from one pub to another, so how much better could it get? Also, English films seem to use a lot of discordant tunes that jump up and down on occasion. This film seems like the perfect guy’s night out, at least until the trouble starts.

1. Touch Me – School Rock

Now this one was put on here for a very good reason. While he’s not a real teacher and is about as fraudulent as can be, Jack Black is doing something that is near and dear to a lot of people’s hearts, he’s teaching kids the wonder of music. If you look at life and imagine it without music it becomes a very bleak and unending thing. But when you add a tune here and there, everything snaps back into focus and the world becomes a much easier place to live. Think on that for a moment.

There are literally too many notices and nods to The Doors to mention in such a short article, but this is what was found, and this is what was judged the best. If you have any suggestions then please, let me know.


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