The Five Best Lauryn Hill Songs of Her Career

If there’s one thing to criticize about Lauryn Hill it’s got to be the one thing that no fan in the world loves to think about when they spend good money to attend a live concert. Unfortunately the one thing is that she’s been known to show up late to her concerts before and while she’s worth a short wait since she’s just that good at what she does, a recent concert had to be held up for 2 hours because, according to Lauryn, her driver got lost on the way to the venue. Needles to say her excuse, as well as the reasoning that she wasn’t quite feeling it and wasn’t aligned in spirit and mind to play just yet, kind of conflicted and people have been all over this since. You can’t deny that throughout her career Hill has been nothing short of awesome, but rubbing the fans the wrong way is kind of like committing career suicide. For all that she gives, and she does give a lot when she’s on time, it would seem that she needs a reminder that her fame comes from the people that wants to listen. There are a lot of them out there after all, but they don’t want to wait 2 hours just to hear 40 minutes of singing.

Here are a few of Lauryn’s best songs from her career to this point.

5. Nothing Even Matters

One thing about Lauren and her time among the Fugees is that she was a great voice for the group but at the same time she kind of got drowned out every now and again. On her own it was just her and whomever she had with her as a backup. This was when people really got to hear her range and what she could do. In this manner she became an even bigger star as she started to shine a little brighter after distancing herself from the Fugees. She was great with the group, but on her own she’s absolutely phenomenal. Her voice is something that slides so smoothly along without any help that it’s a wonder that she stuck with a group for so long.

4. Everything is Everything

You’ve likely heard this song on one or two movies since it came out and there’s a good reason. Like a lot of her songs this one is powerful and carries a strong message that she puts into the lyrics, but something about this seems just a little strong than others in that it moves in a way that makes the audience really listen and get the message that she’s trying to send in a much bigger way. It might be a little more broad in some spots and kind of vague, but the whole song is great enough that you can’t help but hear and accept what Lauryn is trying to get at. She’s never had any trouble in making sure that she’s heard, which is a big part of her allure.

3. Ex-Factor

A lot of what Lauryn does has so much feeling to it that you want to believe that she’s a very deep and thoughtful person, but in truth the whole issue with being late to concerts is something that’s kind of hard for a lot of fans to forgive. If it was something that didn’t happen very often and was only kept to a half hour or less then a lot of people might not be talking. But 2 hours is simply too long to be waiting for anyone, especially when her apology seems like something that openly contradicts itself when it comes to claiming that she wasn’t in the right frame of mind and then blaming her driver for the late arrival. There’s no doubt of what she gives to her fans, but unfortunately performers are held to a slightly higher standard.

2. Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You

This is a very interesting take on an older song that’s been around for a long time and been popular for longer than a lot of us have been alive. If there’s anyone out there that thinking that Lauryn Hill came up with this song however you might want to do a little research on someone called Frankie Valli and realize that he coined it first. But give credit where it’s due, Lauryn took the same route as a lot of other artists and took a song that was already a classic and turned it into something even greater for the common era. In this manner it’s great to hear the new and innovative way that she managed to revive an oldie that a lot of people still care about.

1. Doo Wop

Some guys might listen to this song and assume from the first part that Lauryn is kind of into bashing men, but if you keep listening then you’ll understand that this isn’t the case. She’s not a person that just goes out of her way to bash anyone, but she’s definitely got an opinion and strives to speak in a positive manner to those that she’s trying to get to listen. One thing you can say about her is that she’s got a strong enough voice to make others listen, which is a good thing.

Now if she can just work on arriving to her concerts on time on a regular basis.

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