The Best Uses of Kenny Rogers Songs in Movies or TV

It’s kind of funny to think that Kenny Rogers, who’s been a country star for a long time now, was once into psychedelic rock and then into pop for a while. Eventually he moved into country where he became a huge hit by singing solo or with others that were just as big if not bigger. His initial plan was to keep touring and retire as of this year, but instead his doctors advised him to cut it short and in 2017 he finally called it quits as he was dealing with a number of health concerns that kept him from continuing. The guy is in his 80s at this point and was still touring, which tells you that he was dedicated to his music and pleasing his fans. Some might say it was the paycheck, but quite honestly Rogers had a legion of fans at one point and many of them still remained.

Here are a few of his songs from TV and movies.

5. Stranger Things – Islands in the Stream

Ever notice how things are coming around now and again? The 80s, the 90s, even the 60s and 70s have had their time in the sun so far since the turn of the century. It’s almost as though people aren’t willing to forget those decades and are doing their best to bring them back somehow. Stranger Things is all 80s-based and it’s kind of funny to see the times, the trends, the fashions, and even the games that we can probably remember playing when we were kids. Yes I know, I just dated a lot of us, but it’s okay, back in this decade it was still allowable to have fun for the most part and not worry too much about a lot of things.

4. Ray Donovan – We’ve Got Tonight

It’s always kind of hard to see a really tough character singing something soft and melodic but now and again it’s also kind of reassuring. It lets the viewers see that they’re human and therefore are able to be seen as something other than tough and aggressive. In this way you get to develop the character a little bit more. In many ways Liev Schreiber has been the tough guy before and he gets to prove that with Ray Donovan. But seeing a somewhat softer side to him does open up a lot of possibilities when it comes to his character development and how the character could react in the future. Or it could just be one of those rare calm moments.

3. Malcolm in the Middle – You Decorated My Life

It’s pretty obvious that Hal and the boys are never going to be able to just calm down and give Lois what she wants, which is a calm and stable household. But what they can give is undying obedience and loyalty to the woman that keeps them in check so often. She might have to scream and go crazy from time to time, well, a lot of the time, but one thing she knows about her boys is that if anyone decides to insult or berate her in any way they’re going to come to her defense in some strange, twisted fashion as it’s all of them against the world a lot of times. But of course the next day it goes back to normal.

2. The Big Lebowski – Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)

The Dude is like, the epitome of cool. He’s kind of a loser, a layabout, a no-account bum, but he’s so chill about everything that it’s hard not to like him and hard not to feel sorry for him when things start going south and he becomes embroiled in a matter that he had nothing to do with in the first place. As he goes through the movie however he does the best he can to work with the current situation and make the best of it. Of course no one really helps out that much since even his friends are able to make the situation a little worse in some respects. But in the end he goes right back to being himself, which is why he’s the Dude.

1. Kenny Rogers – The Gambler

Come on now, you didn’t think an article about Kenny Rogers was going to be without this song did you? The Gambler is one of his all-time classics after all and is something that you can’t possibly ignore in his long and famed career. It’s one of those songs that you can hear and then listen to again just because it’s so mellow, it’s so great, and it’s something that touches a person on a level that somehow resonates with a lot of truth. Even if you take the poker analogy as something else, almost anything in fact, it makes a great deal of sense.

You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, know when to run.

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