The Five Best First Lady Performances in Movies

The role of the First Lady isn’t exactly something that comes with limited to no responsibility since the women that have taken up this role in the past and present are typically very strong-willed individuals that know how to present themselves to the public and to speak out either when they have to or want to in order to support their husband. The day might come when we’ll have the First Husband, but until that day comes it’s been seen that the office of the First Lady is one that is afforded a lot of respect since many women that have come and gone within this office have treated it with a great deal of dignity and have also been impressive in their own way. In the movies, this position has been taken over by many women, either by those that have been entirely fictional or by those that have played actual characters from history. The best part is that every woman that has taken on this role has been able to bring a great deal of dignity and grace to the part and has enchanted the audience in their own way, or have at the very least been convincing enough that people were willing to keep watching.

Here are five actresses that have played the part of the First Lady.

5. Emma Thompson – Primary Colors

Ruthless is kind of the name of the game in this movie since the mudslinging and damage that is done to the political campaigns of more than one candidate running for president is a next-level kind of disturbing that one would hope wouldn’t be reminiscent of reality, but it kind of is. Still, the First Lady in this movie is just as down and dirty as anyone since she’s one of those that’s been contributing to the overall mess that eventually threatens to blow up and take everyone with it. In the end, her husband ends up becoming president, but the fact is that the dirt that was tossed about during the campaign was hard to avoid.

4. Mary McDonnell – Independence Day

This First Lady had something to deal with that the others didn’t since the planet was under attack when her husband was still in office, and unfortunately she barely made it to the Area 51 bunker to say goodbye since she was injured when her helicopter crashed. Up until that moment, she was a very dignified lady and was just as strong-willed as her husband since she wasn’t about to cut and run when he wanted her to, and she was graceful even when wounded since she was busted up so badly that she passed on not long after saying goodbye to her husband and their daughter.

3. Sigourney Weaver – Dave

When a double has to be brought in for the president and it turns out that he does a better job than the actual president it’s hard to think that he shouldn’t be the guy in charge. Even the First Lady in this movie has a better time with the guy brought in to double her husband, and there was no one better than Sigourney Weaver to take on such a role since she’s elegant enough for just about any role considering all she’s done with her career. It was kind of a silly movie to be certain, but it was enjoyable enough that it made a lot of people laugh and is worth watching again.

2. Sally Field – Lincoln

Sally Field wasn’t exactly the first choice for this role as it sounds as though she was about to be passed up since she’s several years older than Daniel Day-Lewis. But he actually stated that he wanted to work with her and as a result, it ended up working, and since Day-Lewis is such an amazing method actor it’s safe to state that the age discrepancy didn’t really come through as much as it could have during the movie. Add to that the fact that Field is still one of the most talented actresses in the business and this movie is definitely still better than many people are willing to give it credit for.

1. Natalie Portman – Jackie

Quite a few people have praised Portman for this role since the idea of anyone playing Jackie Kennedy sounds like a heavy challenge to accept even though a couple of women have done such a thing. But a lot of people have stated that Natalie did such a great job that it would be hard to do any better since she took the role and essentially became the former First Lady in a way since she had to depict what it was like for Jackie after the horror of losing her husband in broad daylight in such a terrifying fashion. Obviously, people believe that she did an outstanding job.

This type of role does require someone that’s able to turn on the charm and confidence in a big way.

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