The Five Best Diane Keaton Movies of Her Career

On screen Diane Keaton seems to have the poise and confidence that would make you think that she’s one of the most stable women in show business and possible one of the most engaging when she’s off screen. Well, she is a friendly person but at the same time she’s admitted that she goes by the pace of everyone else around her and really does need the help from time to time as she wants to be able to keep up with everyone else. There’s nothing wrong with this to be honest as it makes her one of the hardest working actors on the set and also endears her to a lot of her costars that are suitably impressed with her work ethic. As an actress she’s kind of quirky at times and seems kind of all over the place, but that’s just a part of how focused she is on her part, that she seems out of control when really everything is as it should be.

Her are some of her best movies.

5. Something’s Gotta Give

Some men don’t seem to want to let go of the idea of dating women that aren’t yet into their 30s, but Harry is the type that has to learn things the hard way. When he meets Erica, his current girlfriend’s mother, and spends some time with her however he begins to realize that it’s time to start  being with women his own age. Unfortunately he and Erica aren’t entirely compatible to begin with and things don’t get better until much later in the movie when Harry finally realizes that he’s in love with Erica and has made his choice to finally settle down and be the man she wants.

4. Father of the Bride

Ever notice how a lot of times it’s the father of the bride that has the big issue with letting a daughter meet and then marry a man? Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s not a big deal and other times they’re actually ready for their daughter to find a good man and settle down, but there’s almost always that feeling that daddy’s little girl is just too good for anyone. Even if the daughter in question finds a man that is good to her, kind, respectful, and is able to provide or help provide for the two of them there are a great many fathers that will continually hold their daughters up on a pedestal whether they realize it or not.

3. Baby Boom

The life of a businesswoman in the 80s was hectic and unfortunately kids didn’t always factor into the equation. When J.C. inherits a baby girl from a cousin she hasn’t seen in 3 decades however she can’t help but watch as her life gets turned upside down and everything she worked for eventually gets taken away as she devotes herself to the idea of being a mother figure. Eventually when she moves out to the country and begins her own business however the allure of going back to the high-powered and fast-paced life she had loses its luster and she finds that a simple life in the country is far preferable to what she once had.

2. Annie Hall

Sometimes relationships aren’t meant to go the way we want them to, but this doesn’t stop people from trying their very best to twist and bend fate into what they want it to be. Annie and Alvy however aren’t meant to be together it would seem since she’s so laid back and he’s a constant wreck all the time. They certainly do try and they put forth a good effort, but in the act of creating a relationship it’s not always a wise idea to try and force it, since that’s the way that things tend to get messed up the most, sometimes you’ve got to try as much as you can but let things take their natural course.

1. The Godfather Part II

In the first movie Kay had an idea that she was getting herself into something dangerous, but she’d been with Michael for long enough at that point to stick with him. By the time they had kids she was in it seemingly for good. But by this movie the toll that the mob life was taking on her was obvious and she was coming dangerously close to fight or flight mode, thinking of the safety of her children and how to get them away from the Corleone family. When Michael finally struck her it was the last straw no doubt, and the final rift that was opened between them that caused their marriage to crumble at last.

Diane Keaton has been in a lot of great movies and she’s been absolutely wonderful in every one of them. In fact it’s fair to say that she’s only gotten better with age.

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