The Five Best Blumhouse Productions Movies So Far

Blumhouse is a name that’s been coming up more and more throughout the years as they’ve been pushing one movie after another that’s been worth watching and, more than that, worth remembering. Whether it’s the cultural relevance that’s been fun to see in the movies or the fact that each movie was so well done and in some cases directed by someone that might have come close to sparking controversy, Blumhouse has been hitting strikes for a while now. While some of their movies haven’t been fully appreciated by some folks, the premise and the overall action that’s been displayed has been a lot of fun from start to finish, these movies have hit a lot of people in different ways and made an impact that won’t soon be forgotten unless one actively takes steps to do so. But that would be kind of silly since each story has enough relevance in the real world that it’s easy to see why a few of them would irritate certain people.

Here are five of the best Blumhouse movies so far.

5. BlacKkKlansmen

Based on a true story, this movie is great since it deals with the case in which the Ku Klux Klan was essentially given a substantial hit when a black police officer went undercover and used his voice on the phone and a fellow officer who was Jewish to infiltrate the Klan and attempt to disrupt them a bit. While the effort didn’t disband anything or even stop the Klan from paying the officer a visit at the end of the movie, it did make the KKK look pretty foolish, which is a dangerous thing to do, but also something that ends up taking at least a little bit of their power base away, which is always positive.

4. The Purge

Initially, The Purge was a movie that some folks didn’t think was going to be more than one movie, but then a second one came, and a third, and now we’re at Forever Purge. The whole idea of crime being legal for 12 hours once a year is an idea that many of us should have known was bound to spiral out of control, especially since the idea of anything and everything being legal would spark the imaginations of psychopaths everywhere. But when a family takes in a straggler who was being chased by a murderous group of individuals that they end up recognizing eventually, the Purge becomes a little too personal.

3. Get Out

Some people enjoyed this movie, others were a little confused about it, but everyone agrees that it was a very provocative movie that didn’t disappoint. But where a lot of debates come from is how people should take the movie and how the imagery throughout is a bit indicative of how Americans feel about the issue of racism. It kind of depends on who a person talks to when it comes to the sensitive nature of the movie. When it comes to this movie though one can easily think that trying to start a conversation about race and how it’s featured in this movie would end in an argument eventually.

2. The Hunt

For as much flak that this movie was subjected to initially, it was pretty good since in the early going a lot of big-name actors manage to get killed in one way or another, while those that survive aren’t quite as well known, but they are tougher than nails in some ways. The main actress though ends up being intelligent, resourceful, and overall the kind of person that would be worth following when all is said and done. But the manner of commentary that’s given by the imagery and the mere fact that the rich are hunting people is enough to make a person cringe while they enjoy the movie.

1. The Invisible Man

This was a different take on the classic movie that some people enjoyed and some people kind of said ‘meh’ to, since the whole idea of invisibility was played with in a way that didn’t make a lot of sense in some cases, but was still cool when it was figured out. It might have been even better had the story managed to stick to the original source material somehow, but when all was said and done, people really liked it, so there’s not much arguing with that. But if there ever is another attempt at this movie, which it’s not entirely possible unless there’s another mad scientist out there, then hopefully the words ‘source material’ will mean something. It wasn’t a bad movie in terms of terror and suspense though.

One thing that’s easy to notice in a few Blumhouse movies is that the themes generally work towards empowerment and paint a fairly vivid picture of how some folks might look at society.

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