Is The Outwaters One of the Scariest Movies of the Year?

Is The Outwaters One of the Scariest Movies of the Year?

outwaters scariest movie

Is The Outwaters one of the scariest movies of the year? That’s a bold claim considering that it’s still January. But it does appear that this movie is gaining credit for its terrifying premise from many media outlets. 

When a group of friends decides to travel into the Mojave Desert and somehow disappear, three memory cards found later are the only evidence of their demise or a reason for this. The found-footage film is said to rival The Blair Witch Project. This is another ambitious claim, especially since the found-footage genre has endured many entries that are less than likely to win praise. 

The premise of getting lost in the desert is enough to terrify many viewers. However, the likelihood that something deadly occurs to the friends is bound to attract more viewers. Fans still love the found-footage genre. Therefore, it’s fair to state that The Outwaters will capture the attention of many fans. 

The found-footage genre gives fans the feeling that they are in the story. Feeling what the characters are going through appeals to many people. But the terror is even more potent. This is what a lot of fans of found footage enjoy. 

Stories set in the desert are often disquieting

The Mojave Desert is a tourist attraction but also very dangerous. Stories in the desert often depict people becoming lost and, therefore, severely exposed to the elements. For a horror movie, the desert setting is perfect. 

Many forget that the Mojave is nearly 48 thousand square miles. One needs at least a training course to survive in the desert. But for a horror movie, wandering out into the desert is the norm. It sounds like a ridiculous premise, but it often works. 

In the trailer, which is tough to follow, the general idea is that everything is well until a certain point. The worried voice that speaks throughout the first portion indicates something is wrong. But the frenzied footage that comes next is even worse. 

The idea that things go from peaceful to hellish is made quickly but frenzied. Calling this movie scary is easy. Calling it one of the best is uncertain at this time. 

The tale of friends heading off into the wild doesn’t usually end well

How the audience views the friends is a matter of perspective. They will likely reap what they sow if they act ignorant and arrogant. If they are respectful and kind, then the story becomes more tragic. How the friends are designed to act and react to the various stimuli in the movie often determines the fans’ reactions. 

The trailer does show things going well initially, without too much disrespect. However, fans will discover what will happen in the movie in early February. The film has already done well in its festival run. It looks like a movie that will reach out to some folk. 

outwaters scariest movie

Humans vs. nature is a popular movie idea

It does appear that this movie is more than just humans vs. nature. But being out in the middle of the desert is still a large part of the story. Pitting human beings against the elements is a popular story idea, given that humans are not naturally equipped to handle certain extremes. 

Adding other factors to the story increases the efficiency of a story. This allows the story to evolve in a manner that will entice fans to keep watching. The idea that there is something else to fear is a useful element. This is also where found-footage can succeed. 

What little is seen from the jumbled images will interest fans enough to pore through the trailer. Some fans will search the trailer frame by frame to determine the major threat. Due to the lighting and style of filming, the trailer is a bit confusing. The terror factor is tough to comment on, however. This is because this is not the first movie to create this effect. 

It feels that this movie will offer a few jump scares

Found-footage movies are capable of jump scares. However, unlike a traditional horror movie, jump scares in found-footage films are slightly different. They may produce a greater effect thanks to the perspective used. 

Stating that this movie is the scariest of the year is bold. But it could turn out to be accurate. Eleven months are still to come, and many movies are still to see. The Outwaters needs to provide all the scares it promises and more to maintain the reputation that many have bestowed upon it. 

The Blair Witch Project

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