The Five Best Romance Movies from 2000-2010

The Five Best Romance Movies from 2000-2010

The Five Best Romance Movies from 2000-2010

Some would call romance movies too sappy, too lovey-dovey, but in truth they can be just as great as any other movie that’s ever made, but the gist of it is that someone is going to fall in love and yes, it can get a bit cheesy, corny, or even downright mushy. But the trick there is that instead of just going straight for the syrupy love scenes where the actors profess their feelings for one another, there’s usually something that happens before, during, or right after the profession of love that makes the movie worth watching. If a movie is just pure honey and syrup then it becomes kind of a bore to anyone that’s not melted like candle wax before that kind of heat, but if it decides to put in a bit of comedy, drama, or even horror sometimes then it becomes something of an epic tale that caters to more than just the hopeless romantics.

Here’s a few romances that can be considered quite good from the 2000s.

5. Serendipity

A lot of people think that others play games when it comes to dating and getting to know one another, but sometimes things go without being said and moments go without being taken to the point that people tend to lose track of one another. Before you know it the years pass by and you wonder if that one moment was the one you were supposed to be waiting for since it was perfect, it was magical, and it was something that might have defined the rest of your life. But finding that one moment again could be an exercise in futility since out of all the people in this world, finding just one, the perfect one for you, is something of a miracle.

4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The funny thing about love is that it’s not strictly biochemical as some experts would have you believe. There is a little more to it that science can’t always quantify or even adequately explain. The trick is that the memories of falling in love are often far stronger than anything and will continually cycle in order to replenish and reduce themselves to a core memory that will continue to come back again and again despite the mind’s ability to ‘forget’ things. Even with the aid of a memory-erasing device it would seem that love is just too strong at times and will drive people back into the same vicinity again and again. That’s one theory at least.

3. The Holiday

Sometimes you just need to get away in order to feel like yourself. Stepping out of your own life and into a different place can, at the very least, give you a sense that you control your own destiny and can at least have some fun in this life in a place where no one knows you. When two women decide to swap homes for the holiday they’re simply trying to get away and find a different setting where they can be themselves and relax in comfort. What they don’t expect is to find someone that will teach them what it means to actually trust and engage with someone that is there for them and no one else.

2. The Proposal

Some might think it’s impossible to ever really love someone that makes their life miserable every waking second of the day, but this delightful comedy proves that even under the toughest exterior lies a heart that’s scared to do anything but lie dormant. Sandra Bullock’s character is horrible, in fact she would have fit in with the cast of Horrible Bosses perfectly since grinds anyone that doesn’t do her bidding under her heel relentlessly and without mercy. But when she finally opens up to the man that she was intending to use to stay in the country she finds that not only is she scared of being loved, she’s scared of trying.

1. The Notebook

Classism plays a huge role in a lot of romance stories since it happens to be a big part of real life. People don’t marry under or above their station all the time, regardless of how ridiculous this is almost all the time. Whether it be because a rich person thinks a poor or middle class person isn’t worth their time or can’t do anything for them or a poor person doesn’t think they have anything to offer the general consensus is that love is dependent on wealth and status to some folks. While it’s important to be able to support yourself it’s also very important to be more than compatible in terms of societal station.

Love does matter after all, since happiness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be without that one important ingredient. Romance movies tend to cover a wide range of factors when it comes to love, but they usually hit the mark pretty hard.

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