Adam Sandler’s New Movie is a Serious One, and He’s Crushing it

Adam Sandler’s New Movie is a Serious One, and He’s Crushing it
Adam Sandler’s New Movie is a Serious One, and He’s Crushing it

Credit: @adamsandler

When you hear that Adam Sandler’s new movie is out, you have a certain expectation. It’ll be fun. It’ll have a little Rob Schneider playing the role of some stupidly hilarious human without a clue. There may be a little Allen Covert. There might be some more faces you recognize, and Adam Sandler will play some sort of sarcastic but lovable character that somehow ends up getting the girl. We will laugh at the often stupid humor, and it will make our day. Adam Sandler has a gift, and his gift is humor. However, did you know that Adam Sandler’s new movie is not a comedy – and critics love it?

Adam Sandler’s New Movie Hustle

Adam Sandler’s new movie is not a comedy. Though, we do imagine there must be a touch of comedy in there somewhere. It is, after all, Adam Sandler. He plays a man by the name of Stanley Sugerman. He’s a scout for the NBA. His goal in life is to live on the road, find the best talent there is to find and make himself a lot of money by making them huge athletic stars. He does a good job of it, too. In Adam Sandler’s new movie, he is a married man with a daughter. His wife and daughter don’t love how often Sandler’s character travels, however. It’s hard on their family, and it’s not their favorite.

During the movie, Stanley scouts for the owner of the team and gives him the assistant coach. The goal is to keep him home and with his family while also still staying with the team and being part of the talent and the wins. Sadly, the owner of the team dies, and his not-very-nice son demotes Stanley to scout, sends him across the world, and forces him to find a new star. Things are not looking good until he happens upon a random street basketball game and finds a man so talented that he must have him even though he is not a big name or star. Without giving anything away, this is a movie that’s more serious than most anything Sandler has worked on, and critics love it.

Adam Sandler’s New Movie is a Serious One, and He’s Crushing it

Credit: @adamsandler

Where to Watch Adam Sandler’s New Movie

This is easy. It’s on Netflix. It’s called Hustle, and it is available for streaming. The movie is good enough that even Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 91%. Everyone who watches it hails Adam Sandler, and his serious role is one he is playing so much better than anyone expected to see. Thankfully, though, he’s not staying in the drama genre forever. What he did with this movie, however, is show us that he’s not just a comedic actor and a comedy genius. He has serious range, and we hope he continues using that to entertain his fans.

Is Sandler Working on Anything Else?

Comedy fans, you’ll be happy to know that Sandler is working with Jennifer Aniston again to bring us the second installment of Murder Mystery. The first was a hit on Netflix. In fact, it was the most viewed movie on Netflix when it was released in 2019. They’re back again, and fans are even more excited this time. They work so well together. While Aniston was not always part of the Adam Sandler universe, they began working together in 2011 with the comedy “Just Go With it,” in which fans loved their unexpected love story.

When they began working together again on the first Murder Mystery, fans were intrigued. Now they’re back for Murder Mystery 2, and everyone is excited. The project was announced at the beginning of 2022 when Sandler shared a photo of himself on set in Hawaii alongside Aniston. However, we have no idea when to expect a release date. There are some rumors that the movie could be released at the end of 2022, but it seems likely that the movie will drop in 2023. Without much more to share than that, we can say that you should absolutely re-watch Murder Mystery, perhaps Just Go With It, and prepare yourself for the second Murder Mystery.

Adam Sandler’s New Movie is a Serious One, and He’s Crushing it

Credit: @adamsandler

In the meantime, don’t forget to add Hustle to your list. It is not your typical Adam Sandler new movie release, but it is worth the watch. He’s proven himself a successful actor, but this role shows how much range he’s been hiding from us in the past. We are here for it, and we only hope that Adam Sandler’s new movies continue to show his range as an actor. He works too hard to keep himself so pigeonholed.

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