Here’s What We Know About “The Croods 2” So Far

Here’s What We Know About “The Croods 2” So Far

The Croods was a movie that was fairly well-received, at least well enough to land a sequel. It’s a rather interesting animated film about a prehistoric family that has to deal with various adventures that are just normal day-to-day things for them. Watching the movie transports you to somewhat of a different world where you can imagine what it would be like to do something as simple as complete a list of chores when there are a bunch of dinosaurs running around trying to eat you.

The original movie actually gained a fairly decent fan following and those people have been anxiously awaiting the sequel for some time now. The Croods 2 was actually supposed to have been released a while back but as of yet, fans have heard precious little information about the project. Although there isn’t very much information being released, there is just enough to keep fans excited. As it turns out, the entire project had stalled out and could have potentially been scrapped in its entirety. With that being said, there has since been renewed interest and the movie is now back on track and scheduled for a release during the fall of 2020.

Fans probably take this news as if it were both good news and bad news. The good news is obviously that the movie will eventually happen, but the bad news is that they’re going to have to wait a considerable amount of time to see it. Apparently, there were a lot of issues surrounding the original project and several things had to be reworked. Fortunately, it looks like most of the trouble is behind them and it seems like they’re on solid footing as they move forward.

The Croods 2 is set to star Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone and Nicolas Cage. If you don’t watch it for anything else, you know that it should be fairly interesting with a cast like this. It’s written by Dan Hageman and his team and directed by Joel Crawford. Although the movie is still listed as being in pre-production, there is a great deal of hope that this information will be updated soon.

So far, the only thing that’s really known about the plot line is that the family is going on a new adventure and it isn’t exactly going to be a safe one. They’re heading to a new land and they’re traveling through places that are supposed to be both dangerous and unfamiliar to them, giving story writers all kinds of leeway when it comes to putting them in perilous situations.

By all accounts, it sounds like this sequel promises to be at least as good as the original, and it might even be better. There’s a solid cast behind it and there is more than enough experience when it comes to the writing team and the director. Hopefully, some progress will start being made with movie in the near future and the new release date won’t get pushed back any further.

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