The Conjuring Movies Might be Winding Down

The Conjuring Movies Might be Winding Down

The Conjuring Movies

The Conjuring might be winding down according to James Wan. That is if he feels that the time is right. Fans might not want to hear this, particularly since the Conjuring universe could keep going for a while. 

The movies are based on the exploits of Ed and Lorraine Warren, who created a legend in their own time. It’s fair to say that there are plenty of stories that remain and that can entertain the fans. But at some point, a story has to end or pass from one director to another. 

There are plenty of fans that want to see this universe continue. The controversy that exists when it comes to the Warrens doesn’t matter to a lot of fans, which is fair enough. Fantasy and imagination don’t need to exist in reality to retain their entertainment value. 

The fact is that the story of the Warrens has grabbed the attention of many individuals. The fact that these stories have sparked debates among fans who don’t believe every single thing is kind of irrelevant. Those who want to pass off these stories as real might need a reality check at times. But at the end of the day, the fact is that people have enjoyed the movies. 

The Conjuring Movies

Ed and Lorraine Warren have been outed as frauds

A lot of fans don’t want to hear this since it spoils the enjoyment they feel concerning the movies. Unfortunately, documentation exists that suggests how the Warrens managed to trick people over the years. Depicting them as experts and even heroic at times in the movies is revealed as fiction in this manner. 

People don’t like this. They don’t want to hear that the movies they like are based on lies. Because of this, many people have decided to ignore the fact that earlier data on the Warrens is inaccurate. They apparently took on thousands of cases. That means they essentially moved from case to case. Not only is this hard to believe, but it is nearly impossible if they took on as many cases as they claim. 

Does this affect the movies? In a sense, it states that the Warrens did not battle the forces of evil as they’re shown to do. It doesn’t disprove everything, and it doesn’t damage the reputation of the movies. What it does is attempt to open the eyes of the fans to the fact that these movies are more fantasy than anything. 

The stories that are depicted are entertaining but less than truthful

The fact is that a few individuals who dealt with the Warrens retracted their statements eventually. In other words, they made it clear that the show the Warrens put on was to gain attention and fame. It was not to exorcise demons, nor was it to help others. 

The belief that many hold in the occult isn’t meant to suffer from this revelation. But truthfully, The Conjuring universe should have likely ended by now. If more stories of the Warrens were to reach the big screen it feels likely that the legend would eventually stand in for reality in the minds of many people. At that point, many might never believe the truth. 

The Conjuring Movies

The fact is that people like the movies

The people like the movies, and that’s fine. The fact that people have embraced The Conjuring universe with such fervor indicates that James Wan knows how to tell a horror story. The idea that it’s cementing the legend of Ed and Lorraine Warren is regrettable, but it’s simply another aspect of the story. 

If people decide to separate fact from fiction then they’ll come to understand that the Warrens were used to tell a convincing and entertaining story. But that’s where the fact tends to end. The fact that people have come forward following the Warrens’ visit is enough to cause doubt, no matter who is in the right. 

Ending this particular universe isn’t a tragedy that will create a gaping hole in the horror genre. There are always new ideas coming up, and directors attempting to entertain and horrify the fans. James Wan is by far and large a master in this field, but if he decides to end The Conjuring, then so be it. 

Instead of ending the universe, perhaps it can change hands

There’s no telling if James Wan would find it possible to pass The Conjuring universe to another director, or a few other directors. Given that there are so many other stories that can come to light, it does feel that the universe would survive for a while longer. But it’s also very easy to say that it might tear The Conjuring apart and whittle it down to a weaker story. 

At the end of the day, The Conjuring might need to end, plain and simple. 

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