John Lithgow is Coming Back to Dexter as the Trinity Killer

John Lithgow is Coming Back to Dexter as the Trinity Killer

John Lithgow is Coming Back to Dexter as the Trinity Killer

Plenty of fans are still psyched that Dexter will be returning for a limited run before 2021 is over and done with, but it would appear another famous killer is going to be stepping up to take one last bow before the show is over and done with as well. John Lithgow, the Trinity Killer, will be making a brief cameo appearance on the show as it’s been announced, but given that his character was killed off it’s likely that he’ll be part of a flashback, a memory, or perhaps even a hallucination of some sort, an echo that Dexter has to face. That last one would be interesting, but it might not be accurate really for the show, since Dexter took Arthur’s life believing he was doing the right thing, as he did with most of his victims. The thing about Arthur is that he was one of the worst individuals that Dexter went up against, and thanks to John Lithgow he was definitely one of the most imposing. For a good part of his career, Lithgow has either been the guy that audience members can identify with somehow, or the guy that is creepy in a way that inspires nightmares.

It could be his meticulous nature and the idea that such a killer could go undetected for a very long time if they were smart enough to make the process work. A lot of those that have committed similar crimes throughout history have messed up somewhere along the line though, no matter if it’s something small or big. There are entire books on how killers work, or how people have come to believe they do thanks to the exhaustive research that’s been done over the years. The Trinity Killer was undoubtedly one of the more disturbing individuals that were featured on the show, but thinking that there’s a chance that he could show up in a flashback, perhaps as an abject lesson or a bad memory, is kind of intriguing. What it could mean is bound to be analyzed by the fans and given a few different reasons before the show returns for its last hurrah.

If the Trinity Killer is going to make a cameo it’s interesting to think if anyone else will be making it back. It’s already been established that James Remar, who plays Dexter’s father, won’t be returning since he stated when asked that he wasn’t invited. That’s kind of an oddity, and a lot of people might want to read too much into that and think that perhaps he is coming back, but he simply can’t say too much about it. Of course, plenty of people would have seen behind that kind of a trick at this point, so it’s likely that James Remar won’t be seen in the upcoming show, and perhaps a reason will be given for this. Things aren’t going to be exactly the same obviously, since the time spent away from the show and the return to a life that he once knew is bound to create a slightly different type of Dexter than people are used to seeing. It’s fair to think that there might be some things that don’t change, but it’s also wise to think that this final outing will be looking to keep up the entertainment and will seek to give the fans a proper ending finally.

How that will look is hard to say, but there are likely plenty of ways that fans would like to see Dexter finally end for good. Some don’t want the show to end at all, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see a petition started up that will be begging that Dexter be kept on the air for another season or two. That’s not the plan, but it feels likely that if those making the decisions feel that it can turn a profit that they will refrain from saying no right away. The thing is, it’s time. It’s time for Dexter to finally end, and no matter how much people cry and moan that they don’t want their favorite show to disappear, again, it’s simply time for this story to stop and for the characters to be left alone.

Bringing back Dexter this time felt right to a lot of people simply because the ending to the last season didn’t feel right, and even the people in charge agreed with this. Bringing a show back because the fans want it is setting a dangerous precedent, but bringing a show back because those in charge wanted to take another crack at the ending is far more likely to get things in motion. What will happen once the limited run is over and done with is anyone’s guess, but it’s interesting to think of who else might show up before the season is released.

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