Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 16 Review: “Unnecessary Roughness”

Lethal Weapon Season 1 Episode 16 Review: “Unnecessary Roughness”

Lethal Weapon

In this Week’s Episode of Lethal Weapon:  When a high school football star’s cousin is shot and killed, Riggs and Murtaugh catch the case.

While attending a college party, a high school football star named Jesse Raines gets into an altercation.  After him and his cousin Steven leave the party they are shot at and Steven is killed and Jesse is injured ending his football career.

Meanwhile, after spending the night with Agent Palmer, Riggs wakes up to a knock on the door from hotel Room Service with food Agent Palmer ordered for him.  When the waiter accidentally mistakes Agent Palmer for Riggs’ wife it almost causes Riggs to start drinking again.  


Later, when Dr. Cahill asks Riggs how he is doing after being sober for a few weeks, he says everything is fine and that he spent the night with Agent Palmer.  When Dr. Cahill says he seems on edge about it he blows up at her and leaves.

When Riggs and Murtaugh go to the Crime Scene they find tire marks, a scrape on the ground that looks like it came from the car and a 9mm shell casing.  They go to  the hospital to talk to Jesse who describes the person he got into an altercation with.   In the middle of interviewing Jesse, Walter Hancock comes in to bring Jesse flowers in an attempt to recruit him to Coastal State.  When Riggs tells Murtaugh that Jesse won’t play football again Murtaugh sympathizes with him because he lost his chance to play football.

Roger goes to talk to Captain Avery about the case and he wants to know if Jesse will ever play football again because he has Coastal State season tickets.   Roger tells him no but they were able to get a shot of the suspect that got into the altercation with Jesse at the party and if he is a student  maybe the school can help identify him.

When they get to the school they run into Mike Ramos who use to work in Robbery Homicide but is now the Head of Security at Coastal State.  While Riggs drives his golf cart, Ramos tells Murtaugh all of the perks of being Head of Security.  
When Riggs comes back he brings a student named Jenna with him who identifies their suspect as Carson Tate.  When Riggs and Murtaugh find Carson at the frat house he runs causing Riggs to have to chase after him.  Riggs and Carson both jump off the balcony breaking the ping-pong table.

When Riggs interrogates Carson he confess to selling pills but says he didn’t kill anyone.  He only threatened Jesse with a gun because his girlfriend was all over him and he wanted to scare him.  Scorsese tells Riggs that the ballistics don’t match Carson’s gun and that he found bruising on Steven’s right torso.  Riggs sees a mark and Scorsese tells him that it looks like it came from a ring, and that Steven was punched so hard it fractured two of his ribs on the right side.  Riggs tells Scorsese that he’s going to talk to Jesse. 

When Riggs and Murtaugh get to Jesse’s house Roger goes to talk to Jesse alone because Riggs still smells like beer from when he fell through the ping-pong table.  While Riggs is outside he steals a shirt from off of one of the neighbors fences.  When he gets caught by a kid the kid makes him pay two dollars.   


In the meantime inside Jesse’s house, Jesse is showing Roger his highlight reel.  Roger tells him that even though his football career is over he’s not over.  He tells Jesse how he lost his chance to play football and then he went to school and became a cop.  Jesse tells Roger that he had a manager who was counting on him.


Outside Riggs is talking to the kid who caught him stealing.  The kid says that  Steven got killed because he messed with the wrong guy.  Who just so happens to be Jesse’s manager named Benny Barnes.

Riggs and Murtaugh go to Benny’s boxing gym.  While talking to him Riggs realizes that Benny’s ring matches the mark that was found on Steven.  In order to prove it he gets Benny angry enough to punch him in the face leaving the impression of Benny’s ring on his cheek and breaking his tooth.  (I thought the way Riggs went about getting the impression of Benny’s ring was so crazy but also so him.)

After talking with Captain Avery about the motive Benny had to kill Steven, Roger gets a call from Mike Ramos who offers him the job of Head of security for Coastal State  because he is retiring.  Roger is seriously considering it after Rianne told him earlier in the episode, that since Trish is not working anymore he would have to stay on the police force 18 more years in order to pay for all of his kids to go to college.  


Roger tells Trish about the job offer and decides to take the interview.  Also Riggs plays the voicemail Agent Palmer left for him but after listening to it he sees  Miranda’s picture on his home screen which causes him to feel guilty and drink again.

He meets up with Bailey who is doing surveillance on Benny.  They see that Benny is meeting with Walter Hancock who Riggs decides to follow.  To his surprise he follows Walter to a restaurant where he meets Roger to discuss the job offer.  Knowing that Walter is a murder suspect Riggs interrupts Rogers interview which at first makes Roger upset until Riggs tells him that Walter met with Benny earlier that night.

While Murtaugh is talking with Captain Avery, Bailey comes in to tell them that Jesse’s Mom’s debt was paid off in a month on a  waitress’s salary.   When Roger goes to get Riggs to go with him to talk to Jessie’s Mom he realizes Riggs is gone.  

Riggs goes back to Coastal State to talk to Walter Hancock.  He admits that he wanted Jesse at Coastal State and asked Benny to persuade Steven to get on board.  But if Benny hurt Steven it was Benny’s idea and that the money he gave to Benny was for Jesse’s family. Before leaving Riggs tells Walter to stay away from his partner.

Riggs meets Murtaugh at Jesse’s house.  Just as they’re getting ready to leave they see the same tire tracks and scratch marks that were at the crime scene.  Murtaugh asks the kid Riggs met earlier if he knows who’s car made the tracks.   After Roger gives him three dollars he says that it’s Wendell’s car, who they met when they came to Jesse’s house the first time.


After overhearing Murtaugh’s conversation with his Mom, Jesse confronts her and she admits that she went to Wendell.  When Jesse goes to confront Wendell about the fact that his Mom paid him to get Steven in-line but Wendell killed Steven instead, Wendell and his guys beat Jesse up and kidnap him.

Murtaugh gets a call from Mike Ramos who says that he heard the Bolo they put out and that the car they are looking for is parked in the Stadium parking lot.  Wendell and his guys plan to throw Jesse off of the top of the stadium and make it look like a suicide.  


When Riggs and Murtaugh get there they decide to split up but stand and talk for a minute (which made no sense, you’re looking for a suspect talk to each other later) until they hear gunshots.  Jesse is able to fight them off and take off running which causes Wendell and his guys to shoot at him.  


While Riggs is in a shootout with Wendell’s guys and kills them, Roger follows Jesse and Wendell to the football field where he and Riggs both shoot at Wendell saving Jessie’s life and then argue over who actually shot him.

At the end of the Episode, Trish tells Roger and Rianne that she’s going back to work,  Riggs talks to Dr. Cahill, Roger drops Jesse off at college and goes to stand on the football field and Riggs meets Agent Palmer at the hotel.

Overall I thought this Episode was really good aside from the fact that Riggs and Murtaugh decided to stay and talk when they were going after a suspect which made no sense.




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