Real Life Weird Stuff That Happened on the Set of The Conjuring

It’s way too easy to be a skeptic, but unless a person is someone that people believe in implicitly, it’s also too easy to be ridiculed by society for believing in the supernatural. There’s not a lot of compromise between the two, unfortunately, which means that if a person chooses to believe in things they can’t see and that aren’t always readily apparent, it’s likely that they’ll believe alone or have to seek out those that also believe and hope that that they can rely on each other. But when Hollywood becomes involved in the supernatural there are plenty of people that are going to hop on the bandwagon either to have fun with it and go along with the idea that the supernatural MIGHT be real, or will believe wholeheartedly and dive right in. The Conjuring is famous for creating its own little universe, but it’s also well-known due to the idea that strange things happened on the set during filming, and even after hours apparently. While some will come up with a reason for just about everything from happenstance to mass hypnosis to explain away the strange phenomena, others are set and determined to believe in what they’ve heard or read, if only because their rational mind can’t possibly protect them from any other explanation that might be given to them. The fact is that some folks don’t believe in the supernatural because their well-ordered sense of realism can’t handle it, because quite honestly, the supernatural is something that they have no idea how to handle. But to be realistic, there’s too much about this world that we don’t understand on a good day, so thinking that certain things might happen from time to time, things that we don’t understand is pretty easy.

One could claim that humanity is still operating in the dark when it comes to the supernatural since some of the things that happened on the set of The Conjuring don’t have an easy explanation, such as the shallow claw marks found on Vera Farmiga’s thigh at one point, or the claw marks found on her computer as well. The bruises that appeared on the body of actress Joey King are another occurrence that is hard to explain, as are moving curtains that weren’t affected by another source such as AC or from someone pulling a prank. It’s very easy to admit that upon entering or walking through one space or another that pretty much anyone can feel the air grow heavier, or cloying, or change in a fundamental way that can’t be easily explained. Many would laugh and do their best to point out that temperature differentials can and do occur pretty much anywhere for various reasons, but if you’ve ever felt that deep, bone-chilling cold come out of nowhere and for no good reason, then you might understand what it feels like. For a while now it’s been debated as to whether Ed and Lorraine Warren were frauds or not, but there’s no definitive answer to this question, largely because Ed and Lorraine both passed away, Ed in 2006 and Lorraine in 2019. If they were clever storytellers then they’ve taken their secrets to the great beyond, and if not, well, then it means that we really don’t understand the world that exists beyond science’s supposedly firm grasp. Somehow, it’s easier for many to believe that scientists might not know everything, but it’s kind of terrifying for many to think that we’re under constant scrutiny, and in some cases threat, from something we can’t see, hear, or touch unless the afterlife is ready to communicate with us.

What is known, since it’s now a matter of public record, is that a few freaky things did happen on the set of The Conjuring and whether it’s a part of the movie and the hype that was meant to make the movie stand out in a much bigger way, or something genuine, is hard to say at this time. The actors and those working on the movie are the only ones that can say for certain whether something did happen or not, and at this time it’s tough to believe without reservation simply because it is a horror movie and there are plenty of reasons to doubt the veracity of what’s been said and presented. Doubt is a horrible thing really since it closes the eyes and ears to many possibilities that might otherwise allow a person to broaden their horizons, but it’s also a failsafe from being taken in by charlatans and those that are seeking to gain something from people who are easily duped into believing just about anything. At this point, it’s up to those reading and those that continue to watch the ghost stories that are revealed by Hollywood to believe in what they want.

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