The Breaking Bad Movie: So Many Feelings

The Breaking Bad Movie: So Many Feelings

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie seems to be the title of the movie that so many people have been wanting to see when it comes to the continuation of a series that has left so many people twisted up and ready to either riot or simply break down in tears wondering why things happened the way they did. Breaking Bad was, after all, a hit series that a lot of people got so emotionally involved in that by the time it ended a lot of people were hoping against hope that Walter would find some way to go out with dignity and could possibly even survive a while longer, while others were certain that this was it, that it was the end of the road for the chemistry teacher that became the deadly meth cook that became so notorious and also became a destructive force in the lives of those that cared about him. And then poor Jesse, the guy that just wanted to get by and have a good time while slinging a bit of meth here and there, ended up being the guy that took it in the neck the most since he couldn’t hang with the kind of violence that Walter brought to the game. Cameron Bonomolo from Comic Book is certainly one of those that thinks that the show became something that people connected to in a big way, but it’s also evident that things weren’t fully expected to end the way they did, no matter how the story was going.

By the end we saw Jesse making his way to freedom, finally having escaped the white supremacist compound where he’d been held. This was thanks to Walter in a big part, but considering that Walt did so much damage throughout the show in the effort to take care of his family it seems that Jesse had every right to be pissed. But that wasn’t enough for a lot of fans since there were still stories open, still a lot to cover, and enough that the show could have kept moving forward. But without Walt it seemed as though it was bound to deflate since Walter White was after all the catalyst for the story in the first place. Without Walt things wouldn’t have kicked off the way they did, and Jesse would have likely gone on being a small-time dealer while Walt’s family might have become destitute had he kicked off before he became Heisenberg.

It’s already been established, or at least rumored, that Walt will show up in the movie, but even Bryan Cranston doesn’t really know how this will happen since the idea is that Walter is still dead, he’s still a corpse, and it could be in this capacity that he shows up. But there’s also the idea that he’ll show up as a memory, a ghost of Jesse’s past that will haunt him for a while to come. It would be fitting since no matter how Jesse ended up feeling about Walt there was still enough between them that indicates that they’re bound to be connected until Jesse can put the past behind him, if that’s even possible. But there’s no doubt that the movie will be Jesse’s story, and if it brings in anyone else it will be a happy bit of circumstance for some and an oddity to others since Jesse and Walt’s family didn’t exactly get along during the show. The idea that this will be mostly about Jesse is perhaps the best idea since despite the fact that many people lost a great deal during the show, Jesse is the one that had to be at ground zero a lot of times when the worst started happening. If not for Walt he might have been dead a few times over, but now that Walt is gone he’s going to have to watch his own back and regain some of the inner strength he might have initially had going into the show. Aaron Paul has amazed and impressed a lot of people throughout his time in the business, but Jesse is perhaps his best and most endearing role since from the start he’s been showing that this character has a lot more to offer than people initially thought.

Honestly it’s hard to see how a lowlife drug-pushing, less than intelligent wannabe thug turned out to be a part of an organization that would upset so many people and upend more than one dealer in the history of the show. But Paul pulled this off in a big way and made a lot of people believe that Jesse had more value than he initially showed in the beginning of the series. As the movie continues to make its way into the public eye it’s likely that there’s going to be more to report on right up until the emotional moment when people actually get to see it in full.

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