Workaholics 4.11 Review: “The One Where the Guys Play Basketball and Do the Friends Title Thing”


Well after two slower weeks, Workaholics has bounced back just like I expected with another hilarious episode. I seriously am loving this season a lot and last night’s episode, “The One Where the Guys Play Basketball and Do the Friends Title Thing,” made me laugh out loud watching by myself (something rare) more than ever before. It was great to see them back at the office with the entire gang around; Alice, Jillian, Montez, Bill and Waymond, who all received nice face time in this episode.

Adam, Blake, and Ders show up to TelAmeriCorp and discover that Alice is required to start a health initiative so rather than organize some type of 5K she sets up a 3v3 basketball tournament. The prize for the tournament is to use a company Dodge Dart during a 2 day stay at the company timeshare in Reno, which is apparently the new Vegas. The guys show up in their sleeveless royal purple And1 jerseys to face Bill and Waymond’s team in the first round. While they easily advance through the first round, the guys notice that the “Tezmanian Devils” have also advanced to the finals because they have Lynette from accounting, who almost made the ’96  Olympic women’s basketball team.

Ders and Adam want to practice so they can win the trip to Reno but find out Blake is hosting a World of Warcraft murder mystery party so he can keep his position in a guild, so they have to come up with a way to cheat. Adam’s suggests steroids that he got from Karl (unclean needles included) but Ders comes up with a more elaborate plan that involves getting Lynette so mad that she punches him in the stomach where he has Montez’s iPad taped to his stomach to hurt her hand because the screen is made out of a helicopter windshield. This plan is obviously a horrible idea but Ders delivers one of the most ridiculously horrible but a hilarious line in order to push Lynette past her breaking point by telling her that he hopes her son dies. She rocks him clean across the face but ends up breaking her hand, so the plan actually worked out.

Back at the house Adam has been doing steroids and injects Ders while he is asleep. Ders begins to have roid rage and he disrupts Blake’s World of Warcraft party. It was so funny watching Blake painted completely blue while telling the murder mystery story, and then things got better when Ders came in.  Everyone begins to leave but one of the Warcraft players makes fun of Ders who ends up throwing the guy through their front window. This gets Blake kicked out of the guild and causes him to quit the basketball team to play for the Tezmanian Devils as revenge. After he leaves Adam has a heart attack from the massive amount of steroids pumped straight into his chest so Ders recruits Karl and a non-TelAmeriCorp ringer for $300. Ders technically wins, but Montez and Bill out the fraud and it turns into a next point wins overtime. Blake has returned to Ders and Karl’s team while Lynette has come into the game (one-handed) to play for her team. Blake attempts a slam and misses but the rebound is caught by Ders who slams it in for Adam, causing him to cry over the phone during Jillian’s [horrible] play-by-play. Adam is going to be okay and the guys actually succeed in this one and get to head to Reno.  I’m not sure how great of a prize that actually is… but it is one to them.

In the end the guys finally won one.  Yep, through all of the cheating, scandal and betrayal; Adam, Blake, and Ders were able to unite in the end and win their 2 day vacation. As I said, I found myself laughing a lot last night during Workaholics and thought the writing was really on point for this episode. There were lots of jokes from both the main characters and the supporting cast and it was good to show some love to the TelAmeriCorp office. The best part of this episode for me was seeing street ball god “Hot Sauce” join the “Trilla Squad” with Basketball Lector and Karl, “The Malone” as team ringer — Ge-orge the Ge-anitor. I’m glad that Workaholics has been so good this season and can’t wait for next week’s war video game themed episode.

My Moments of the Night:

–  “It’s like Pulp Fiction you need to inject more into me”
–  Ders wearing the plastic injury face mask to the final game. Priceless.
– “The Ge-anitor is cleaning up!”
– It turns out the steroids from Karl weren’t really steroids… and just a combination of Rockstar Energy Drink, ground up shock-tarts, and PCP. Adam had a heart attack and ODed on PCP.  Jeeze.

What did everyone think of last night’s episode? Let me know why you did or didn’t like “The One Where the Guys Play Basketball and Do the Friends Title Thing”

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