The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke Confronts Taylor

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke Confronts Taylor

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are sitting her wondering when the other shoe is going to drop? When is everyone going to find out that baby Phoebe does not belong to Steffy or Flo, but that this is the baby that Hope and Liam thought died at birth? When will they find out what Reese and Flo did that Zoe has been hiding all this time from them? When will this happen? When will we see something happen between Thomas and Hope now that she’s making it her mission in life to befriend his son because they are both in the middle of a horrible loss that is giving them so much pain? When will Flo’s appearance and Thomas’ appearance make problems for Sally and Wyatt? When will Bill go back to his old ways of being a total disaster? When will Ridge and Taylor end up back together?

And what will happen if that happens and Brooke is left on her own? She doesn’t do well on her own, and she and Bill have a history, too. Will she take him from her sister, again, and end up with him so she’s not alone? She’s not someone who is alone often. Or will she go back to her father-in-law and ex on her own and take him from Quinn and her own sister who Pam is still trying to see if she can set up with him? When will it all happen? And what will happen when it does? We are waiting, and we are nervous. Some people are doing so well now, and that means that we can expect something to happen that will make them feel less than good about their own lives. We are only going to sit back and hope that this doesn’t last.

What’s Happening on The Bold and the Beautiful

We love a good guest star, and this is one show that gets to say they’ve had the best of the best on television. Who is your favorite?

What’s Next on The Bold and the Beautiful

Things are taking a crazy turn around here now that we’ve been without the show for four solid days. It’s too long for us, and we cannot handle it. This week is filled with things that you should know about that might just change a few of the games going on in LA. We have a big situation that is going down right now, but we want to take it a little at a time. For one, we are going to see Brooke confront Taylor about kissing her husband, and they are going to get physical with one another. It won’t be the first time they’ve done this, and it will not be the last if we had to guess. What we love the most about this, though, is that Brooke literally cannot believe that this woman would do such a thing to her. Yet a month or so ago she was doing the same thing to her own husband.

Bill kissed her and Ridge saw it, and he was furious, and she didn’t think that her own husband had any right to be upset by that. She didn’t want him to confront Bill about kissing his wife or get involved in any of it, and she didn’t want it to become a thing. Yet, it is a thing, and it wasn’t good, and we don’t know what she was thinking, so it’s great to see this on the other shoe. She is not handling it well, either, and we believe that is called something like karma.

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