The Best Uses of Casting Crowns Songs in Movies or TV

If you ask who Counting Crowns are then it’s likely that you’re not really into Christian contemporary music. Don’t feel too bad, it’s a genre that’s appealing for many people but is also kind of a niche sound that not everyone really gets into. That being said they’ve done fairly well since 1999 when they formed in Florida and have been going steadily along ever since. They have won a couple of awards and do have a nice sound but being that they do ascribe to their faith a lot in their music it does tend to make some people shy away simply due to a personal bias. That alone isn’t enough to state that they’re anything but talented however as their music is very soothing and has a very upbeat feel to it that many people would likely agree is something that calms the nerves and helps to reaffirm the faith from time to time.

Here are some of their songs that might have been heard in TV and possible a few movies.

5. Casting Crowns – Voice of Truth

When taking into consideration how many bands there are in the music industry today, regardless of genre, it’s not too hard to think that some of them get overlooked from time to time. While Casting Crowns has indeed been noticed and given the credit they’re due in the form of accolades and awards it seems that they haven’t been asked to be as prominent as other bands since their songs haven’t really been featured in a lot of other mediums other than music videos and the occasional live show that has obviously not been televised. This could be a personal decision by the band but it would be great exposure if they went on to feature their music in more publicly-viewed programs.

4. Casting Crowns – Oh My Soul

People tend to look for a wide variety when it comes to music and should their sound ever really touch upon those that want to hear something with more of a message and something that’s a little more in-tune with a quiet and peaceful lifestyle they could really take off and become something bigger than they’ve already become throughout the years. Christian contemporary music doesn’t really have a bad reputation at all, it’s simply one of those styles of music that doesn’t get considered in favor of other types of music that shock and awe the public, meaning that the quieter one is the less they’ll be noticed.

3. Casting Crowns – Who Am I

Whether it’s an issue with not gaining enough exposure or their desire to simply live a quieter and more peaceful life while still being able to be known by a fanbase is unknown, but the fact that they are known over the internet is a step in the right direction if they really want to keep their fame rolling. The idea that they’ll ever be as big as other bands that have a devoted fanbase and a very dedicated following is something that doesn’t seem likely, but it’s also easy to believe that they’ll remain on an even keel where they seem to want to be. If nothing else they’ve managed to gain the attention of quite a few people and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

2. Casting Crowns – It’s Finally Christmas

Rocky Mountain Christmas is a movie about a woman, Sarah, who’s just trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced career in the spotlight when a noted Hollywood star shows up and kind of spoils the whole idea of her getaway as he’s trying to film a movie in the same spot she’s trying to relax in. You can imagine that this doesn’t go over very well as tensions are bound to rise and tempers are no doubt going to flare. But the spirit of Christmas is usually great enough to stem any such confrontation since that’s what such movies are all about, to show that the holiday cheer and feeling of good will is enough to snap anyone out of their funk.

1. Casting Crowns – Praise You In This Storm

Born to Win is the story of a man that comes from a horrible upbringing and throughout his life finds no reason to change since he never had the type of life or support that really showed him how a person is supposed to be. But through it all his family loves him and tries to support him. Upon finding out that his daughter is in critical condition after an accident he has nowhere to turn to and nothing else he can think of, and as he begins to accept God into his life and asks for His help the man finally finds that through faith anything seems possible, even forgiveness of a past you can’t let go of.

It’d be interesting to see them get a little more exposure.

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