The Best Uses of Van Morrison Songs in Movies

It seems fair to say that Van Morrison’s father was the unsung hero behind his inspiration since the man apparently had a record collection unlike anyone else he knew at that time. It was from these many records that Van managed to gain the love and appreciation for music that would eventually propel him into the idea of forming his own band and creating a sound all his own that would create a career from which he would one day be known as one of the greatest musicians alive. Plus, it was also his father that bought him his first acoustic guitar and once again set him on his path towards what would eventually become greatness. It seems enough to say that his father was no doubt someone that saw something in Van that might have been just a spark at one time but had the ability to be fanned into what his career became.

Here are a few of his songs as they’ve been used in movies.

5. An Officer and a Gentleman – Hungry for Your Love

From beginning to end this film is actually kind of addictive since it details the life of one man that is trying to be everything his father never was and make a life for himself apart from the rundown and miserable existence he’s known. But he finds out quickly that just joining up is no picnic, and when he resorts to his old ways of trickery in order to pass inspection he discovers that their immediate superior is anything but dumb enough to fall for his deceit. Still, you’ve got to give him credit for hanging in and refusing to quit. He might have started as a loser but he became a true gentleman at the end.

4. The Outsiders – Gloria

A lot of us were likely given this book as assigned reading in school at one point while others might have been allowed to watch the movie and then write a report on it. No matter how you were exposed to this story the main point did get across, there were two factions that were constantly at odds with one another, and society was usually firmly set against the Outsiders no matter what. They were considered the rejects, the hardcases, the guys that didn’t deserve a shot at a good life since they were either poor or they just seemed to thrive on trouble. When that’s all you’re given however it’s hard to strive for much else.

3. American Wedding – Into the Mystic

At least a couple of generations now can say that they grew up watching the characters in this series move from one stage of their lives to another. They went through high school, then college, and then on towards getting married before finally ending up at the high school reunion stage in the movie that came after this one. But quite honestly the most pivotal movie had to be this one since marriage is a huge step in life that many people have vastly different opinions on. But in this film the one thing that stays the same is that Jim and Michelle don’t waver in their devotion despite everything that happens. It’s an American Pie movie, of course things are going to happen.

2. The Departed – Comfortably Numb

We know this is a Pink Floyd song but remember that Roger Water and Van Morrison did this one. It’s hard to know who to trust in this movie since half the cops seem to be on the take and the other half are already undercover and are acting like criminals while reporting back to those that they think are honest cops. How this wouldn’t seem like a giant state of hypocrisy to those involved seems hard to fathom, but throughout all the mess we’re given when we see a film that’s set in Boston it seems that the only ones that can be trusted are those that tend to be apart from all of it, not affiliated with one group or the other. If that was real life it would seem that such a place would be one of the most dangerous and uncertain places to live.

1. American Sniper – Someone Like You

Sometimes it happens that soldiers can’t acclimate back to the world that they left in order to go protect the rights of those they leave behind. The war zone follows them home, or at least the skills and sensations that kept them alive do. The problem is that in a civilian setting being prepped for trouble isn’t always as appreciated, and can be considered a real problem. For all intents and purposes however Chris Kyle was getting better as he was helping his fellow veterans up until his death. Unfortunately not every person could be helped. Critics of his story tend to bash the sniper even to this day, though quite honestly it seems more respectful to simply let his name and his reputation rest.

Van Morrison has been one of the greatest artists of his time and this one if you ask many that still listen to his music.

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