The Best Of Mitchell And Cam’s Lies On “Modern Family”

In the Pritchett-Tucker household on Modern Family, life presented itself in many forms. Besides the obsession with celebrities, raising Lily (Aubrey Anderson), Camerons’s (Eric Stonestreet) on and off clown career, which Mitchell ( Jesse Tyler Ferguson) did not always appreciate, their friends, who they often tried to outshine, and complete lack of trust at the most basic of things, Mitch and Cameron lied to each other a lot. If it wasn’t about something they didn’t like, it was about something they did. If the worst came to, the other party would take the blame. These are the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) lies they ever told:

1. Cam Faked A Breakup To Gain Sympathy From Friends

Cam thought he’d caught Mitch in a lie when he got a text from Longinus (Kevin Daniels) who revealed that he’d left his sunglasses at a Friendsgiving party. Had Mitchell not talked Cam out of attending the party, none of that would have mattered. What’s worse, however, was that Mitch learned a different lie Cam had told in the past. All the friends had rallied around Cam because the last time they had ‘broken up’, Cam was shattered, while Michell seemed fine. “Apparently years ago, Cam invented a breakup that never really happened, just so he could gauge how much support he could count on in the event of the real thing.” Mitch echoed. A sobbing Cam said it was his fault for loving Mitch too much and that Mitch disappeared for days at a time, turning everyone against Mitch. He was of the opinion that he was the most fragile of the two. “I was just preparing for an emergency,” he said.

2. Mitch Allowed Cam To Take Blame For Burning Down The Kitchen

Following a walk, Cam and Mitch came home to a burning kitchen. At first, the obvious explanation was that Cam had not turned off the oven. In usual Cam fashion, he felt guilty and couldn’t stop apologizing. Mitchell let him take blame before it was revealed that he ignited a fireball while he was making himself a smoothie. The lack of a kitchen completely altered Cam and Mitchell’s lives. For one, they now had to use the shower to wash their dishes. Secondly, they had to have tea on the mantle, and as if that wasn’t enough, smoothies were now being blended in the living room. To remake their kitchen, Cam and Mitchell hired the services of Jay, who did a spectacular job. Before he unveiled the kitchen, Jay had his son give him a lecture and fire him just so he could exercise some authority. Mitchell made an executive decision to use a sealing glass that he bought at the flea market. Unknown to him, his choice would burn down the kitchen for a second time.

3. Both Of Them Lied About Self-Improvement Efforts

A younger couple moved upstairs as Mitch and Cam’s tenants, and they seemed to have their lives more organized. They had a daughter, who was about the same age as Lily, embraced a fit kind of lifestyle, and were so good with their finances, their paid six months’ worth of rent at one go. Seeing them inspired Mitch and Cam to go on their own self-improvement journeys. Mitch returned from working the steps with a hat on his head, which raised an alarm on Cam’s part. His eyes were barely visible, and when Cam yanked the hat off of his head, he uncovered a scar Mitch had gotten from watching hot guys play volleyball by the beach. Mitch never made it to the stairs at all. He wasn’t the only one who’d lied about where he had been. Cam had implied that he had gone to the museum, but that wasn’t the case. He’d, in fact, been across the street from the museum, and had a distinctive and sparkly hand stamp to prove it. He’d selfishly had a Cher experience without Mitchell, who was mad because every Cher experience was supposed to be a shared experience.

4. Mitchell Lied About Losing His Job

In the Mitchell-Tucker household, it was more than obvious that Cam was the homely kind. Even though he later got a job as a coach as their lives changed, Mitchell, the lawyer in the family, was the one who brought most of the bacon home. That would explain why Mitchell was hesitant to let Cam know that he had lost his job. He’d leave the house as if he were going to work, and spend his days at the park. It’s through his deceit that Mitch met a new friend, an old man named Spencer (Lou Beatty Jr.), who also spent his days by the park. Cam finally learned of Spencer, but he thought he was Mitchell’s lover. He gave Mitchell the usual ‘Cam’ treatment; paranoid, emotional, suspicious, right before he learned the truth. Lucky for them, they could be able to lease the apartment above theirs for income. In the end, Cam was a lot more understanding.

5. Cam Went To The Gym For A Different Reason

Mitchell dropped by the gym to bring Cam a smoothie. Not that Cam needed it, since according to Mitchell, he was ’100% fruity delicious’. Mitchell also came bearing good news. Because Lily was going to be at a sleepover that night, he had booked a suite at the very place Jennifer Anniston goes to after her divorces. Mitch didn’t want Cam to feel less loved because he’d been caught with a naughty magazine.” I want you to feel what I feel every day, that you only have eyes for me,” Mitch told Cam. It was right at that moment that the real reason Cam came to the gym was known. A bunch of gym hotties matched across a glass barricade through which Cam had an amazing view. Because Mitch’s back was turned away from the glass, he couldn’t see the barechested, muscled hotties waving at Cam. Cam tried to destruct Mitchell and lure him to the spa, but it was only a matter of time before Mitchell figured out what was going on. One of the boys knocked on the barrier and thanked Cam for bringing them homemade protein bars, exposing Cam’s little charade.

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