The Avengers Campus Opening Ceremony Video is Pretty Awesome

The Avengers Campus Opening Ceremony Video is Pretty Awesome

There’s bound to be a time when someone will describe entertainment as Disney…and everything else, since the growth of the Mouse House after acquiring so many properties over the years has been nothing short of amazing. Now, with Avengers Campus announcing its opening ceremony and the passing of the iconic shield to the new Captain America, Sam Wilson, by none other than one of the stars of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Anthony Mackie, it’s very easy to see that Marvel is continuing to climb and isn’t bound to slow down. How effective the MCU will continue to be is anyone’s guess since the promise that’s being shown at this time is quite high, but long-time fans understand how that can go. For kids though, and for fans of Marvel from back in the day, Avengers Campus is definitely something that feels like a dream come true since up until now the Marvel attractions have been great, but they haven’t been quite as accessible as this.

The ability to go on a mission for Spider-Man, to see one’s favorite heroes roaming around the park, and to visit various sites dedicated to one hero or another is something that a lot of people would pay a pretty handsome price for since the experience is something that a lot of folks won’t soon forget. Personally, there are a lot of better ways to spend the small fortune that it would take to have a truly satisfying experience at this place, but to each their own. Those that can save up or can afford it will hopefully find a lot of fun things to do since it would appear that Disney hasn’t spared any expenses on this humongous attraction. Several of the locations in this attraction look and sound like a lot of fun, and it’s more than apparent that the Mouse House made certain to find those that were skilled enough to make it happen. In essence, for any of those who were comic fans before starting this project, and still are no doubt, this would be like getting paid to play in a sense, but the hard work that had to happen to make this all come together definitely appears worth it.

Unfortunately for anyone outside of California, the attraction won’t be open until after June 15th, as the state is still doing what it needs to recover from the pandemic. The mere idea of Californians being allowed to attend the park is an attempt to return to normalcy as things are still opening up after the events of the past year. Avengers Campus has been discussed more than once in the past few years, and people have been waiting patiently for this attraction to come. It’s a big hope that people from other states will be allowed to visit the park eventually, but it does sound as though there will be limitations on how many people can visit the attraction at a time, as the pandemic isn’t in the rearview just yet, and people are doing what they can to stay safe at this time. It’s harder for kids to understand since seeing something like this is bound to get a great number of kids excited to have the chance to see their favorite superheroes. Imagine being a kid living in this time and seeing something that’s not that far away but might as well be on the moon thanks to the restrictions that are still in place. Hopefully a great number of kids that fans of Marvel, and adults, will be able to find their way to the park at some point as the country continues to reopen.

From watching the video above it’s kind of obvious that the campus is going to have plenty of things to do that will be able to appeal to many people. With the changes coming to the MCU lineup it’s fair to think that there will a few characters wandering around that people will be happy to see and that will look amazing at the same time. One can easily imagine that walking into this park is going to be spendy, much as anyone would expect. From the price of a ticket to the cost of merchandise, food, and other attractions it does feel as though it’s going to test the limitations of a person’s bank account. That might sound a bit pessimistic, but it’s a little more real than a lot of people might want to think about since the glitz and the glamour do cost a bit and don’t come for free. The campus does look impressive, and it’s easy to think that every now and then there might be a new surprise being unveiled that will earn a little more attention. But apart from that, this is an experience that’s going to be remembered for a few reasons.

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