The Amazing Locations Where the New Fantasy Island is Filmed

The Amazing Locations Where the New Fantasy Island is Filmed

The Amazing Locations Where the New Fantasy Island is Filmed

A lot has changed since the original Fantasy Island debuted in 1977. Producers knew they had a pretty big task at hand when it came to putting together a reboot in 2021. The casting and storylines had to be just right and finding the perfect filming location was a must. After all, with a name like Fantasy Island, it’s important that the show’s aesthetics be able to match the image that comes to mind when you hear the title. As a result, producers worked hard to secure the perfect place to film the show, and most people would probably agree that they couldn’t have done a better job. Continue reading to learn more about where Fantasy Island is filmed.

Here’s Where The Show Was Filmed

If you were around to see the original Fantasy Island, you’ll see some very distinct differences between how it was filmed vs. the reboot. The original show was partly filmed on a sound stage at Warner Brothers studio in Los Angeles. The new series, however, was really filmed on an island. This allows for a more realistic look and feel. According to The Cinemaholic, Fantasy Island was filmed in Puerto Rico in three primary locations.

Rio Grande

Rio Grande is a beautiful municipality in Puerto Rico that has a population of about 50,000 people. The area is home to top-of-the-line resorts that offer comfortable atmospheres and endless views. The Cinemaholic Reports, “The municipality is situated in the Northern Coastal Valley and is known for its exotic beach locations. The filming for the series takes place here at the Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve Puerto Rico, which is located at 200 Coco Beach Boulevard, PR-955, Río Grande.”

San Juan

As Puerto Rico’s capital city, San Juan is one of the most famous places in the commonwealth. The city brings in countless tourists every year and it’s picturesque views make if the perfect place to film a show like Fantasy Island. The Cinemaholic added, “A portion of the filming also takes place at Miramar, one of the subbarrios of Santurce, which is famous for its Spanish-style homes. Jardín Botánico de Río Piedras (the botanical garden) and Parque Luis Muñoz Rivera (Avenue Luis Muñoz Rivera), the 27.2 acre recreational public space in Puerta de Tierra, also served as a shooting location for the show. Some important scenes were also shot at Escambrón Marine Park.”

Old San Juan

Old San Juan is another popular tourist destination in Puerto Rico due to its rich history and beautiful architecture. The area has served as a filming location for lots of other projects and it’s easy to see why. It’s unclear exactly which parts of the area Fantasy Island used for filming.

How Critics Feel About The Fantasy Island Reboot

Over the last few years, reboots have become very popular in the TV industry. That being said, this isn’t the first time that Fantasy Island has gotten a refresh. The show was brought back to life in the late 1990s on ABC. However, it lasted for just one season. Fantasy Island was also turned into a movie in 2020 which was intended to serve as a prequel to the original series. From what we’ve all seen, reboots can be very tricky. It’s always tough to balance staying true to the original while also building something new. Overall, these types of projects can be very hit or miss. Unfortunately, they tend to miss more often than not. Fantasy Island appears to be one of the few that falls somewhere in the middle.

According to a review from Variety, “This “Fantasy Island” lets itself off the hook too often, tending toward the simplistic. And though the “White Lotus”-y surroundings evoke a contemporary wellness resort, there is little in the story about what people in 2021 would expect from their time there. There’s a certain first-pass quality to the writing here: Just a bit of polish would have benefited a show meant to evoke the best of everything.”

The Future Of Fantasy Island

Fox’s Fantasy Island reboot is still very early on in its first season, so it hasn’t yet been canceled or renewed. The announcement will likely come a little later on once the network has a chance to look at the ratings. Even though the original Fantasy Island was very successful, attempts at reboots haven’t been able to recreate that success. Even though Fox’s Fantasy Island has an awesome cast, that might not be enough. Only time will tell if this version of Fantasy Island has what it takes to become a long-running series. At the moment, though, the future is looking questionable.Fantasy Island

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