The 5 Most Helpful Things Naomi Watts Has Ever Shared with Fans

The 5 Most Helpful Things Naomi Watts Has Ever Shared with Fans
The 5 Most Helpful Things Naomi Watts Has Ever Shared with Fans

Credit: @naomiwatts

Naomi Watts turned 54 in 2022, and she’s more beautiful than ever. She’s at the top of her career. Roles are still offered to her, and her talent continues to impress us. She’s living a dream life, and she and her two sons are thriving. She welcomed her boys in 2007 and 2008 when then-boyfriend Liev Schreiber. They spent 11 years together before ending their relationship in 2016. She’s been dating actor Billy Crudup since 2017, and she is on top of the world. She’s been through her fair share of ups and downs, but Naomi Watts is a woman who always seems to come out on top. How does she do it? With class. We’ve rounded up all of the best advice she’s ever spoken to share with you now.

Naomi Watts on Taking Risks

She’s 54. She’s lived a life filled with success, married with even more failures. No one as successful as Watts gets there without many failures, but how she handles her failures makes her good at what she’s doing. She’s earned her right to give advice, and her best advice is that you have to be okay with taking risks. “I’m okay with taking risks,” she once said when she finished filming the hit Netflix story “The Watcher,” which is loosely based on real-life events. She’s learned over the course of her life that taking risks is a situation she has to focus on, or she will never grow, learn, or move on.

Naomi Watts on Learning to Say No

Like so many of us, she’s often learned the hard way that no is a full sentence, a complete answer, and something she should say more often. She doesn’t always listen to that advice, but she knows she should because she recognizes that she often does too much and obligates herself to things to the point she’s spread thin. It happens all the time to all of us. Naomi Watts certainly isn’t perfect, but she knows that no is a complete sentence, even if she’s not using it often enough in her own life.

Naomi Watts on Knowing the Right Answers

She’s got such a powerful thought on this. “You often know the answers yourself, but you look to others so much for approval when you’re young. I wish I hadn’t spent so much time looking for admiration,” she said of her youth. She’s learning more as she ages, and it’s helped her on her quest to find herself. She knows what she wants. She knows how to answer a question to herself, and now she’s brave enough to do it without the validation of others.

The 5 Most Helpful Things Naomi Watts Has Ever Shared with Fans

Credit: @naomiwatts

Naomi Watts on Getting Over a Lost Love

Some people are fortunate enough to find their true love young and early, and they don’t experience loss or heartbreak. Others are not so fortunate. Naomi Watts has been on that side of things. She’s been heartbroken, but she also has lovely advice for those who know the same feeling. Following the end of her relationship with Liev Schrieber after 11 years and two kids, she faced scary times.

“I feel transitions are scary for anybody, whether you’re famous or not. I feel like change is always scary, but that’s only because transition for anyone is new, and you wonder how things are going to go,” she said of the breakup. It’s honest, and it’s raw. Change and transition are terrifying, but everyone goes through both at some point in their lives (more than once). Knowing it’s scary, and knowing it’s terrifying, is all you need.

Naomi Watts on Aging Gracefully

Apparently, she’s doing this quite well, but it turns out she has much the same idea as my grandmother. She passed down her wisdom to me, and it’s something I happily pass down to my own daughters. The truth? It doesn’t take much to have clear, good, healthy skin – and to keep it that way.

The 5 Most Helpful Things Naomi Watts Has Ever Shared with Fans

Credit: @naomiwatts

“My five-minute routine is pretty much my routine all of the time. I don’t do too much, and if I’m not in front of cameras, I like to give my skin a break,” she said of her beauty routine. She followed it up with, “Sunscreen, sunscreen, always,” and truer words were never spoken. It’s really simple, and it’s so good. Oftentimes, the best thing is the simplest thing. Eating well, caring for your skin, drinking more water, and spending time being active are the foundation of life, and people forget that it’s not always complicated. Naomi Watts knows it is not complicated.

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