Passover Movies to Watch in 2017: There is Only One “The Ten Commandments”

Passover Movies to Watch in 2017:  There is Only One “The Ten Commandments”

Ladies and gentlemen.  Two major religious holidays are upon us:  Easter and Passover.   Since I am Jewish I shall focus on the latter.   Although at some point I’ll get to an Easter related movie list.   So let’s get back to Passover.  I can safely say that Passover is one of the most annoying holidays of the Jewish calendar.  I mean who the hell wants to eat Matzah?  It’s disgusting.  Sure you can convince yourself that it’s good with butter or peanut butter.  You can turn it into Matzah Chocolate toffee but is it then Matzah?  Of course not.  It’s now heath bar crunch.

If we really loved matzah we’d be eating it all year around but instead we let it sit on the shelves for 51 weeks out of the year until Passover arrives.  Speaking of Passover, if there’s one movie you’ll always need to watch during Passover it begins and ends with The Ten Commandments.  This 1956 classic Cecil B. DeMille film starring Charlton Heston will always go down as one of the most epic films of all-time.  Granted if you look at the political correctness of the film today, it’s awful.  Still though, if you’re gonna take 4 hours out of your day on Passover, choose this movie to watch.

Sure there are other films out there but come on, it’s all about The Ten Commandments.

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