“That Girl” Actress of the Day: Beth Grant

“That Girl” Actress of the Day: Beth Grant

“That Girl” Actress of the Day:  Beth Grant

So far we’ve only focused on male actors when it comes to people you always recognize on film or TV but have trouble remembering their names.  Today’s character actor who’s been around for what seems like forever is Beth Grant.   Grant goes all the way back to 1988’s Rain Man when she appeared as the housewife in that farmhouse when Charlie knocks on her front door to watch Judge Wopner in order to prevent Ray from having a freak out session.   She also played the obsessed teacher in Donnie Darko.  She also played Dennis Quaid’s mom in The Rookie.

All in all Beth has an astounding 208 acting credits in IMDB.  Other things you might remember her in are The Mindy Project, The Millers, Bad Words, As I Lay Dying, The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Sordid Lives, The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, Justified, Dexter, American Dad!, King of the Hill, Jericho, No Country For Old Men.

Technically her career made its start in 1979 but Rain Man was without a doubt her big break.  What role did she have right before Rain Man? A woman named Mrs. Meyers on Mr. Belvedere.  Wow, what a great show that was.   By the way, here’s a solid Beth Grant reel for you to look through.   Keep em’ coming Beth!

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