That Actor Whose Name You Don’t Know: Nigel Gibbs

That Actor Whose Name You Don’t Know: Nigel Gibbs

That Actor Whose Name You Don’t Know: Nigel Gibbs

It almost feels as though someone that’s been around for a long enough time and that has starred in enough shows and movies should be known by name, but that’s not always the case obviously. Nigel Gibbs is just one more individual that kind of proves this theory since while he has been around for a good long while he still isn’t widely known by a lot of people and it’s fair to say that even the most famous projects he’s been a part of aren’t really enough to get him known by anything other than sight. It could be that some people are bad with names, or it could be that there are too many stars to keep up with to really remember him, but for one reason or another knowing his name isn’t that big of a priority for a lot of people. But his acting, now that’s something different since he’s been pretty effective at what he’s done thus far in his career. Since he dates back to the late 80s, Gibbs has been in quite a few projects in his time, though it’s likely that many people remember him more as an extra or a supporting cast member, since that’s about what he’s been for most of his career.

Those that step into supporting roles can sometimes find their way to lead roles, but it’s not a guarantee unless they do something, or show something, so extraordinary that they can’t help but be seen as someone that might have the potential to be something else. The chances of this however appear to be rather slim since out of all the actors that do try to make something of their careers, only a fraction manage to become the A-listers they want to be, no matter how many might actually deserve a bit more as they make their way from one role to another. One could argue that some of the A-listers that are where they are now are kind of squandering their fame while many extras and supporting actors would love to take their spots and see what they can do, but the system in which the actor’s work is obviously set up to allow for the survival of some actors while vilifying those that decide to not play the game. Seriously, an actor can tank their career pretty quickly without hardly trying sometimes, while other actors might find it impossible to get the audience to turn against them no matter what they do. Supporting actors such as Gibbs would no doubt love the chance to shine in their own movies, but some of them would actually be kind of lost without lead actors since, believe it or not, there are supporting actors that enjoy their lot in life.

It’s not exactly something that people want to settle for when they first get into acting since a lot of folks would be honest when they state that they want to become famous, to make as much as they can, and to be the name that’s on everyone’s tongue. But one of the many truths of getting into the business is that with so many people trying to do the same thing, and with the kind of chances that people are looking at just trying to get a commercial or the role of an extra, being picked up and used more than once as a supporting character is very impressive. Gibbs has been around long enough to grow comfortable in such a role and has taken up this type of character more than once in his long career. To think that he might want a little more isn’t too hard to deduce, but to think that he’s also happy doing what he’s been doing is just as easy since he’s in the business, he’s secure, and no matter if people don’t know his name that well, he’s been successful for a while and has found his place in the scheme of things. There’s nothing wrong with being a supporting actor since, to tell the truth, the stress level doesn’t really go away, but at the same time, it’s a little less since despite having to make the lead actors look good. The supporting actors would no doubt love to take center stage at times, but they do their part just like anyone else, and like anyone else, they know when to show up and do their thing and when to hang back and let others do their bit.

Nigel is definitely one of those that know how to work with his fellow actors and be held accountable for what he does, as his career kind of reflects this and tells the story of how he’s gotten by for so long. Even if you don’t remember his name it’s likely that you remember his work, and that’s what counts.

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