Ten of the Most Violent Animated Films in History

Ten of the Most Violent Animated Films in History

Cartoons are no longer the Alice-in-Wonderland-like films that they once were. Today, it is no surprise to come across X-rated animated films featuring scenes of animated sex, abusive language, nudity, and violence, among other extremities. In fact, even most of the PG-rated animated films occasionally feature adult-oriented scenes and language, and there is growing concern among most parents. When it comes to violence, animated films come off as an ideal platform as the flexibility of characters puts even the most extreme imaginations into practice.

To this end, certain animated films have surpassed the boundaries of violence in real-life films. Certain animated films have made quite a reputation thanks for their gruesome scenes. Here is a review of the ten most violent animated films in history.

Watership Down (1978)

After a young rabbit named Fiver gets a prophetic vision of impending destruction of his home, he persuades seven other rabbits to accompany him in search for a new home. However, their journey is filled with obstacles that are mostly characterized by sadness and violence. For instance, there are predators that hunt the cute rabbits down and a cemetery filled with fierce rats. The violence in this animated film is made even worse by the sad narrative in the plot since; after all the struggle, the rabbits still have a lot to fear once they reach their destination.

Fantastic Planet (1973)

Fantastic Planet stars Jean Valmont, Jennifer Drake, Jean Topart, and Eric Baugin. It is a film about humans that have been enslaved by a race of gigantic blue-skinned aliens called Draags. The aliens maintain strict control of their human slaves by keeping them illiterate, and their rule is oppressive and violent. However, at one point, friendship between a young female Draag and human boy results in the boy’s education and enlightenment, and this inspires rebellion among the oppressed humans. This animated film is especially violent because the object of oppression is the human slaves. Additionally, the revolt against the Draags’ rule is largely violent.

Grave of the Fireflies (1988)

Grave of the Fireflies talks more about survival and love than violence, but the graphic scenes included in the movie are violent nevertheless. This animated film is based on the U.S.’s bombing of Japan during World War II. It stars a young teenage boy named Seita who is responsible for taking care of his young sister after the U.S. bombing campaigns separate the two from their parents. Scenes of burnt corpses and destruction are very graphic and disturbing, and the story of survival is saddening.

The Animatrix (2003)

If you thought that the film The Matrix was action-packed, then be prepared to meet its violence-packed animated version. The Animatrix is based on The Matrix Trilogy and is mostly characterized by fighting, destruction, and violence. It is meant to be a thriller, but it pushes the limits of violence for the young audience.

Felidae (1994)

This animated film has a very interesting and captivating storyline, but it features violent and graphic scenes. It is about an investigative cat named Francis who takes note of the mysterious cat deaths in his neighborhood. After some investigation, Francis ties the deaths to a sect of cats who have designated his house’s rooftop as their meeting place. The cats are led by a menacing cat called Joker, and they worship an entity called Claudandus.

They also have a bizarre ritual: at every meeting, one of the members of the sect commit suicide by throwing themselves in an electric current. This animated film turns even more graphic and violent once Francis’ cover is blown by the sect members, who are dead-set on eliminating him.

Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend (1987)

Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend is a Japanese Manga animated film that is best described as sadistic. It tells the story of how the human world, demons world, and man-beast world are united every 3000 years by the revival of Overfiend, a ‘super-god’. A man-beast named Jyaku Amano is the main character in this film. He sets out on a journey to find the super-god to negotiate the safety of the three worlds, but he comes across a lot of obstacles. The violence comes to play when savage demons that are opposed to peace fight Jyaku Amano and seek to destroy the super-god.

BAOH: The Visitor (1989)

BAOH: The Visitor is yet another Japanese manga film that ranks among the most violent animation films in history. It is about a young teenager named Ikuro Hashizawa who is kidnapped and turned into a bioweapon with superhuman strength. Ikuro manages to escape the Doress Laboratory with the help of a 10-year-old psychic girl, and this is where the violence starts. Fearing that the BAOH virus may spread from Ikuro to others, Doress Laboratory sends several assassins and monsters to kill Ikuro. Ikuro fights valiantly for his life, and the fights are incredibly grotesque.

Fist of the North Star (1986)

Fist of the North Star is extremely violent even by Japanese Manga standards. It is set in a post-nuclear- war era where the earth is a wasteland and resources are in short supply. It has a very diverse storyline, but it is mainly characterized by the rivalry between two of the leading characters: Kenshiro and Shin. Shin is the antagonist as he challenges Kenshiro to a fight for the hand of the latter’s girlfriend and beats him almost to death. The violent aspect about this animated film is the grotesque detail in the fights, which are characterized by squirting blood, unraveling intestines, and rupturing appendages, just to mention a few.

Black Magic M-66 (1987)

Black Magic M-66 is a cyberpunk Japanese manga film. It tells the story of two M-66 android robots that are programmed to kill and destroy any living thing they come across. During transportation to a secure facility, the chopper carrying the two android robots comes under attack and crashes in a forest only miles away from the Center City. The robots get lose and go on a rampage, with their first victims being a massive bear and two hikers. This animated film is made violent by the savagery exhibited in the fights that take place between the robots and their victims; the level of detail is incredible for a 1987 film, but it is also graphic.

Ninja Scroll (1993)

Ninja Scroll is popular for its action-packed theme which some find thrilling while others consider to be violent. It revolves around a ninja named Jubei who is coerced into killing his entire clan of warriors. Jubei succeeds in slaying his fellow warriors, and he ends up as an assassin for hire. After some time, a demonic clan of ninja called ‘devils’ sets out on a mission to take over the Japanese government, and they do not hesitate to annihilate entire villages in the most horrific ways. Jubei has to save the government and the people, and the fights are incredibly detailed and violent.

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