The Star Wars Movie That Zack Snyder Was Working On

The Star Wars Movie That Zack Snyder Was Working On

There’s one reason for Zack Snyder to stay away from Star Wars that really makes sense, and it’s the one that a lot of people talk about when it comes down to why Star Wars fans are looked askance by a lot of people. The toxic fanbase that watches over the Star Wars franchise like a bunch of nitpicking hawks tends to believe that they’re arbiters of what should and shouldn’t be accepted in any Star Wars story, and given that Snyder was going to create his own story without any recognizable characters it’s fair to say that it’s best it hasn’t come out. He was going to attempt this after the prequels that George Lucas put out, but after a while, he simply didn’t do it and went on to other projects. It’s likely for the best since Snyder does enjoy taking on his own projects as he’s admitted, without having to worry about the continuity of anything and how it will fit into the grander story that it’s supposed to connect to.

This is why his Justice League movie is such a confusing piece when it comes to the hardcore DC fans who know how the story goes since Snyder’s movie did a lot to butcher the idea that was brought forth in the comics so long ago, just as the MCU did to the Avengers. Things have to change, there’s no denying that, and people are free to enjoy what they will, but Snyder’s ability to tell his own story goes beyond that since he wants everything to be original and not beholden to anything else. This is why putting him in charge of a Star Wars movie wouldn’t make a lot of sense unless it was going to be set on the far side of the galaxy, involving characters that no one had ever heard of, and a story that had never been part of the grand scheme that George Lucas brought to life so long ago.

The Star Wars galaxy is pretty expansive so it’s easy to think that Snyder could have pulled this off and no one would have been the wiser. But things happened, as they tend to do, and his project didn’t get realized. But today it feels as though going back to try would be a serious mistake since the fanbase has grown so increasingly toxic over the years, at least part of it has, that trying to make this happen at this time would no doubt get keyboard cowboys going and internet warriors speaking oaths to every fictional deity they know before proceeding to blast the idea and threatening to boycott and demanding that the script be rewritten and blah, blah, blah. That’s pretty standard with some fans that don’t like one idea or another, to simply blast whoever is trying to make a project they don’t like happen.

It’s not exactly effective since all it comes down to is a great deal of whining by ‘fans’ that want things their way and don’t always get them. But if Zack Snyder does ever try to make a Star Wars movie one can reasonably expect that it’s going to be raked over the coals a few times by the fans and critics alike. Whether it would be successful or not would depend on the subject, the story, and of course if people even understand it. Even speculating about it at this point feels like a waste of time, at least for now, since it’s not bound to come around any time soon. If it does, and that’s a big IF, then Snyder likely knows what he’s getting into with the Star Wars crowd, and will possibly think about the prospect before going through with it.

At the time he was going to make his project the third prequel, Revenge of the Sith, had been released, which made it a perfect time to do something since there was an open field for a new Star Wars movie if someone had the ambition. The sequel trilogy hadn’t been formed yet, Disney hadn’t taken over, and the only obstacle was George Lucas, who might have actually said yes had Snyder asked. But again, that time has passed, and thinking about it now makes a person wonder if it would have been accepted into the Star Wars franchise with open arms, or if it would have taken a while to be accepted, kind of like the Holiday Special and the prequels. However it might have happened, people don’t have to worry about it too much at this moment since Snyder’s schedule is pretty busy as he’s working on the Army of the Dead ideas that have come to light recently, so it might be a while before he really thinks about Star Wars again. It might be best to just shelve that idea and keep moving on.

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