Finding Nemo: Movie Recap

Finding Nemo: Movie Recap
Finding Nemo: Movie Recap

credit: Finding Nemo

A few years ago, the public saw Finding Dory, the story of a blue tang fish who was in search of her daughter with a poor memory. The movie was well-received by its viewers and critics alike. If you want to know more about Finding Dory, you can check out our recap here.

Today, we will dive (no pun intended) into the story of the prequel, Finding Nemo. This article will be for those who wanted to watch the decades-old film but could not find a legitimate source to watch it. Below, we will provide you a recap of this classic that gave rise to Finding Dory thirteen years later.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

The loss of Nemo

At the beginning part of the movie, Marlin, and his wife, Coral, go under attack by a barracuda. Coral was injured to the point that it caused her death and her eggs’. All eggs were “gone” but one, so Marlin intended to keep the fishling that would come out of it safely as long as he could.

The egg hatched to be Nemo, a happy clownfish but had a deformity on his fin due to the damage his mother suffered in the beginning. Because of this, Marlin thinks that Nemo wouldn’t be able to swim well, so he does not allow Nemo to go to school. Nemo wanted to go to school, and he was embarrassed that his father was disclosing his deformity to others, so to prove himself, he swam towards a far-away boat to show his father that his damaged fin wouldn’t hamper him from swimming well.

However, on the way to the boat, he was approached by a scuba diver who caught Nemo with a bag and took him away. Marlin tried to follow suit but was splashed back by the current coming from the boat’s motors.

Finding Nemo: Movie Recap

credit: Finding Nemo

The search for Nemo

During his search, Marlin encountered Dory, who would be beneficial in the end. Dory had a problem. She would forget very quickly.

The two came towards a group of sharks who pledged to themselves not to eat fish again. In their territory, they found a mask similar to the scuba mask of the person who abducted Nemo. Marlin accidentally hit Dory in the nose with the mask, causing it to bleed. The blood was sniffed by the shark, which reinvigorated his hunger, and he went into a frenzy. They escaped by setting off a few water mines.

Nemo ended up in a tank in the office of a dentist, Philip Sherman, in Sydney. He was to be given to his daughter, Darla, as a pet since she had just killed her first one.

He met some friends inside the tank. They were collectively known as the Tank Gang, with the Moorish idol, Gill, as the leader. They planned escape routes for Nemo, including some failed attempts to sabotage the tank’s filters so that they would be taken out of the tank for cleaning, and from there, they would jump out to the harbor. This did not happen since the dentist just installed a high-tech filter to not necessitate taking the fish out.

Finding Nemo: Movie Recap

credit: Finding Nemo

The reunion

With the help of some moonfishes, Marlin and Dory went to the East Australian Current en route to Sydney. They encountered a group of sea turtles and a pelican, Nigel, who relayed the message to Nemo that his father was coming for him.

In the dentist’s office, Darla arrived to claim her new pet. Nemo pretended to be dead so that he would be flushed down the toilet and get to the sea through the drainage.

Nigel wreaked havoc in the dentist’s office while he had Marlin and Dory in his mouth. However, Marlin found Dory in his play dead state and assumed his son was dead. Feeling defeated, Nigel went back to the harbor and released the two fish back to the sea.

However, during the squabble, Nemo is flushed down a drain in the office, allowing him to escape to the open sea. Marlin and Dory parted ways in defeat. Dory then forgot her encounters with Marlin.

The newly-escaped Nemo met Dory and asked if she had found his father. Dory did not have any recollection, not until she saw the word “Sydney” written on an underwater object. She remembered everything, so she led Nemo to where Marlin went, and the two reunited.

Marlin felt Nemo was responsible enough and allowed him to go to school.

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