Movie Recap: Finding Dory

Movie Recap: Finding Dory

credit: Finding Dory

Finding Dory is an animated Disney movie released in 2016. This movie diverged from the story of its antecedent, Finding Nemo. It continued from it after Dory came crashing into Marlin, who was then chasing after the boat that abducted his son, Nemo.

The film revolves around the adventures of Dory since her encounter with Nemo’s dad, even after the father and son had found each other again. The article below is for those who want to know the film’s story but can’t be bothered enough to sit for an hour and a half movie.

Movie Recap: Finding Dory

credit: Finding Dory

Dory paralleled Nemo’s life in a way

The film’s prerequisite, Finding Nemo, featured a fish who got lost and was in search of his parents.

Dory in this film was like that. However, in this movie, for the most part, Marlin has already reunited with Nemo. The blue tang (Dory) was helped by the clownfish to find her family again.

Our protagonist in this movie had one huge problem. However, it was that she needed to be more mindful. One could feed her information right now, and then she would forget it by the time one reaches this point in this sentence. This had been her major setback as most of the crucial details that could have been useful in her search would often get lost in her memory, severely impairing their progress.

While living in the reef of the clownfish father-and-son, Dory suddenly had the recollection of her parents. Equipped with these visions, she sought to find them, but she couldn’t exactly figure out the identities of her parents, how she lost them, or where she once lived. The details of such would slowly build up in her mind later on.

With the help of their sea turtle friend, the three reached California. They were there after the name “Jewel of Morro Bay, California” rang a bell in her mind after being uttered by Nemo. However, in California, Dory, who was too close to the surface, was captured by the Marine Life Institute.

In the Institute, Dory was tagged and was set to be transferred to Cleveland, Ohio. There, she met the octopus, Hank, who had some shape-shifting abilities. This octopus, however, no longer wanted to be back in the ocean, so he offered to help Dory in exchange for her transfer tag.

She also found her childhood beluga friend and a near-sighted whale. Her encounter with them finally cemented in her mind the way how she lost her parents. In a flashback, it was revealed she was trying to console her mother from crying but was carried away by an undertow current.

Movie Recap: Finding Dory

credit: Finding Dory

Rescuing Dory

The two clownfish attempted to take Dory out of the Institute. To do this, they sought the help of two sea lions and a loon who helped them gain access to the facility’s sewerage system. Some fish forewarned Marlin and Nemo that Dory’s parents had escaped the laboratories into the open ocean. These parents then went on their way to find Dory back, but in turn, they never returned, giving Dory the impression that they had died.

In the Institute, Hank was taking out Dory from her tank, but he unintentionally had left the two clownfish. A staff witnessed this and dealt with the rogue octopus, who then accidentally dropped Dory into the pipes, flushing her down to the ocean.

Now alone, she wandered into the vast empty blue. She found a trail of shells laid down in the sand. This suddenly brought back a core memory — her parents set these shells up so that Dory would have an idea of the way home. She followed the track, only to find a disappointment at the end of it — an empty brain coral, their former home. Unhappy with what she found, she turned around to go back, but her parents were on her back. She happily reunited with them.

However, Hank, Nemo, and Marlin were still in a precarious situation — in a truck aboard Cleveland. The whale and the beluga escaped from their exhibits so that Dory could help them. In the truck, Dory convinced Hank to go back to life in the ocean, which he then commenced by hijacking the truck and deliberately crashing it into the ocean, liberating all sea creatures aboard.

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