Teen Wolf: Who Survived? And What Was Left Of Them?

Teen Wolf: Who Survived? And What Was Left of Them?Okay! So now that I have rinsed the blood from my nails after gripping the edge of my seat during the Teen Wolf season finale, I think I have enough strength to muster through this review of what was a pretty damn good episode of Teen Wolf.

The suspense was had its claws so deep in my throat that I was scared to move out of fear having it ripped out like one unfortunate character did tonight. The reveals were pretty interesting and made complete sense in their respective areas. Finally, the epic showdown between Scott, Derek, Peter, and the Argents was simply Grade-A Awesomeness and almost rivaled the initial Derek vs. Scott fight from the beginning of the season. And let’s not forget about the aptly placed jokes that were slung throughout the night.

With all that said, there were some areas of the night that left me a little “blah” and I hate feeling “blah” when it comes to Teen Wolf. I will get to those moments later on, but now let’s discuss the top moments of the night which will have us sulking worse than Bella Swan until last summer.

So Scott and Allison got a somewhat happy ending, but getting to that comfort zone of watching the full moon in the sky together was a bloody, painful mess. I seriously wasn’t expecting the two to reunite at the end of this season, because I felt that the Argents would have been more adamant about Allison being with Scott after finding out about his new extracurricular activity of being a werewolf. Although, they probably couldn’t give too much of a fight after Scott saved their lives and the fact that Kate pretty much screwed them over big time. Sure she wasn’t trying to do so intentionally, but Kate’s actions six years prior got her family caught in the crosshairs of the Alpha’s vengeance spree, which they pretty much had to dig themselves out of. They wouldn’t have been able to do that without Scott’s help, so for now we see a truce between werewolf and werewolf hunters. Wonder how long this will last once the rest of the wolf slayers come to town?

Back to the main couple, I felt a little nervous when I saw Allison slinging those arrows and hitting herTeen Wolf: Who Survived? And What Was Left of Them? targets with her last one being Scott. Yea, she wasn’t trying to really kill him (or injury him), but still for a moment there she was giving Katniss Everdeen a run for her money. I was so sure Allison had crossed over to the dark side with Kate doing a damn good job of leading her there with her trail of lies and deceit. Thankfully love conquered and Allison came to her senses and kicked ass for the rest of the night.

Scott truly came into his own tonight and took charge of all his situations, managing to make all the things right except the one true thing he wanted other than Allison. He didn’t get to find his “cure” from the Alpha/Peter. I don’t know about you guys, but a part of me thinks Derek was lying about the whole “cure” thing only to get Scott to help him take down the Alpha. On the other hand, Derek’s hesitation in killing Peter could be used to counter my previous claim, due to the glimpse of guilt that flashed on Derek’s face because he knew he was going to kill Peter and didn’t care what that meant for Scott. Now, Scott’s fate is sealed and he has to learn how to deal with it, but I don’t think he will have too many problems with Allison and Stiles on his side.

Speaking of Stiles, did anyone else raise an eyebrow when Peter sensed that Scott’s sidekick didn’t necessarily want to be a sidekick anymore? I wanted to call B.S. on that, because we haven’t really seen a jealousy side to Stiles, only an annoyed and protective side whenever Scott’s lycanthropy came a little too close to home, i.e., Sheriff Stilensky. I never would have pegged Stiles as being jealous, so this is a new angle of the character that I’m interested in seeing touched on next year.

Three other things that happened in the finale were the deaths of Kate and Peter, Derek gaining Alpha status and Jackson probably getting what he’s wanted for the last few episodes. As for the deaths, I wasn’t upset about either one. The Alpha’s death was imminent and needed to happen in order for the show to progress on to the next chapter of its story. Kate’s death on the other hand… well, was I the only person who didn’t blink an eye when she bit it? She was bad ass true enough, but she was one hell of a pot stirrer and was a liability to every faction on the show. If Peter didn’t take her out then someone eventually would have.

So Peter lied about killing Laura and the entire reasoning behind doing so. He plotted this from day one and didn’t want Laura getting in his way. Sounds like something a power hungry lunatic would do.

Teen Wolf: Who Survived? And What Was Left of Them?With Derek as the new Alpha, will he be a more sane and stable Alpha wolf or should the town of Beacon Hills not get to comfy with the new head wolf in charge? Also, does he really want someone like Jackson on his team/pack? I wouldn’t. Plus, did anyone catch Jackson’s expression when Argent mentioned that innocent people died in the fire? Maybe Jackson isn’t a werewolf after all or related to the Hales. His parents were probably at the wrong place at the wrong time. Although, nothing has been set in stone about Jackson’s alleged connections to the fire, so take that as you may.

A couple of other things caught my eye, one of which had to do with Mrs. Argent, who really showed just how gung ho she is about protecting her family. Forget Kate, I’m scared of what could happen if you really pissed this lady off. The second thing to made me go hmm was the usage of the Lydia twigging out splattered in blood scene. I loved how the director played with that scene, because it was effectively freaky the way it was edited. The commercials made it look as if Lydia was either getting ready to change into something hideous or that she was a vision of death for Allison or something. Either way, I really dug it.Teen Wolf: Who Survived? And What Was Left of Them?

Now’s the time to list the things that didn’t work for me tonight, but thank God they are a few.

First up, the whole “deaths” thing. Was something changed last-minute cause no one of true importance died in this episode. I thought the death would be either Lydia or even Derek, but no one kicked the bucket except for the two seasonal villains who were expected to be eradicated anyway. With all that said, I’m glad none of the main cast died, because if any of them had of bit it then I don’t know what I would have done with myself.

Back to Lydia, what is she now? Scott says she’s not a werewolf, but I don’t think so. His bite didn’t leave him unconscious and seeking medical attention. Although, Lydia might become another mythical creature within the Teen Wolf mythos that Jeff Davis hinted at. But what on earth could that possibly be?

The mystery of the Vet was still unsolved and I thought that was him howling to Scott in the veterinarian’s office, but I don’t know. I just wish we could’ve gotten something to answer exactly what this guy is.

The end cliffhangers seemed as if they were deleted scenes that were tacked on as an after-thought. Don’t Teen Wolf: Who Survived? And What Was Left of Them?get me wrong, they were very much-needed and welcomed, but the transition to them could have been better planned out. The way they panned out of the woods after Derek gains his status as Alpha should have transitioned over to something like “Days later…” or something that wouldn’t have taken some of the impact from the previous scene. Just a thought…

So folks, this is it. We have had one hell or ride this summer with Teen Wolf and I hope to hear from you guys again throughout the year leading up until next summer. Will you blame me if I said I’m thinking about going into a Bella Swan-esque catatonic state until Teen Wolf return next summer? I thought you wouldn’t. See you guys soon!

Teen Wolf: Who Survived? And What Was Left Of Them?

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