Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 5 Review: “A Novel Approach”

Teen Wolf

This week’s episode of Teen Wolf was, without a doubt, one of the more horrifying episodes of the season, as Kira started getting more electric, Stiles dealt with a whole new trauma, and some major events went down at Eichen House.

We pick up right where we left off last week with Stiles being attacked by Donovan (now a Wendigo-Lamprey hybrid), whose visual appearance was more terrifying than in the previous episode. The more I keep seeing these hybrids, the more I fall in love with this season because you are basically getting a new type of creature in each episode. However, the climaxes to some of these hybrid/Chimera stories could be done a bit better to have a more lasting effect. While Stiles has never been known to be a fighter in any way, it was enjoyable to see that he was able to defend himself to a certain degree.

A problem that some shows have with their supporting characters is when they always have them be saved by the protagonist (that can be their best friend, a relative, etc.) and not be able to defend themselves. At least with Stiles, who is quick on his feet (to say the least), he will use his environment around himself whenever he is in danger to put up some type of defense. It got incredibly real and intense when we started to see Stiles after Donovan “died,” and it felt like following a real victim after they went through a big trauma. There wasn’t a lot of score in those scenes, and it sort of reminded me of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode when Buffy finds out that her mom has died.

The biggest part of this episode was all the insane action that went down at the Eichen House, as it literally affects all the characters in horrific ways. Kira’s situation is the one that is most interesting to look into because we aren’t sure of what’s causing it. Is it the Kitsune within her that is going through some sort of evolution, or is it the Dread Doctors that are causing this in one way or another? My bet is that she is evolving, but that it is just a very painful transformation. There was that line last season from Kira’s mother that werewolves and Kitsunes don’t get along that well, so what if this evolution might actually be the thing that causes a conflict between the two of them? We have a long season ahead of us, ladies and gentlemen.

While it was intriguing to see the Dread Doctors just walk in and rip Valack’s third eye out, I got more surprised about Malia’s memories starting to come back to her when she and her mom got attacked by Desert Wolf. Is the sub-theme of this season that everyone is going to go through mysterious changes with nothing really causing it? Overall, this was a pivotal episode that felt big from start to finish, and it’s definitely one of the more horrifying episodes that Teen Wolf has produced in a while–and that’s when this series is at its best.

Teen Wolf airs on Monday nights, 10/9c on MTV.

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