Teen Wolf 2.09 Review: Dead Man’s Party…

It was Lydia’s party last night on Teen Wolf, but she wasn’t the one crying when everything was all said and done.

Last night’s episode finally revealed just who has controlled Jackson/The Kanima all season, and while the culprit makes sense, you still couldn’t help but feel slightly cheated after the reveal. The episode also saw “beloved” character bite the dust, albeit by their own terms, and Peter the Alpha finally resurfaced to cause more havoc for the rest of the season. The latter development still leaves me puzzled to just what Lydia’s party had to do with Peter’s resurrection, but I will get back to that in a second. Let’s first start with the Kanima master reveal.

So Matt has been the one calling the shots with Jackson and his Kanima dark side. As stated above, Matt being the Kanima master makes sense, because it actually gives his character a purpose other than lurking around taking pictures of Allison and being a general nuisance. So what’s his issue? Why is he going after the 2006(?) swim team? Are they responsible for his death, which must have been by drowning? More importantly, wonder how will the Kanima storyline coincide with Peter’s return from the dead?

Next up is the death of our ‘beloved’ Victoria “Crazy Eyes” Argent, Teen Wolf‘s true resident mean girl in heels. At first, I felt that Victoria and Chris would hide the bite from Gerard and try to learn how to adapt to Victoria becoming the thing they killed for a living. I also thought it would be a chance for Chris and Victoria to experience just what their daughter is going through with Scott. Alas, Jeff Davis (Teen Wolf head honcho) felt differently and stayed true to Victoria’s character of taking herself out before becoming the thing she hated the most. It was sad that she couldn’t have had that final conversation with Allison like she wanted, but story wise it was for the best. While Victoria was pretty much a thorn in everyone’s side, she still was a formidable villain who ment business and Eaddy Mays’s presence will be greatly missed.

Derek had to play babysit his cubs on their first big full moon, which was a telling arc in so many ways. One, he clearly doesn’t have this Alpha thing down pat as he thought. Two, Issac, the one person who you thought would be the most hard to control, turned out to be the one with the most restraint. While the place he drew his strength was one of abuse and horror from his father, Isaac still managed to turn his negative into a positive. In the weirdest way possible. As for Erica and Boyd? They still have a long way to go before they become viable members of Derek’s pack.

As for the Dead Man’s Party in question, it was a very nice set up to have Scott, Stiles, Allison, and Jackson face their fears through a wolfsbane induced haze, but as for the grand scheme of things… What did it have to do with Peter’s return? Was the party supposed to be a huge distraction for Lydia to leave and do her bidding? Plus, why didn’t the wolfsbane, or what I am presuming was wolfsbane, give Scott and Jackson a severe reaction? And why would it make the humans go crazy as well?

At the end, Peter has risen and took Derek’s reign as Alpha. Does this mean that Erica, Boyd, and Issac will have to answer to Peter? Or will he slaughter them as vengeance for Derek ‘killing’ him. Tons of questions were posed tonight, and we only have three episodes left.

What burning questions did last night’s Teen Wolf raise for you?

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