Teen Wolf 3.02: ‘Chaos’ Theory

Teen Wolf 3.02Well, the body count is most definitely rising in Beacon Hills.

We’re not even deep into the season yet and we’ve already had a casualty on Teen Wolf. Albeit, said death wasn’t one of the core five cast members, but the death will still have a ripple effect of ramifications for Scott, Derek, and crew. Meanwhile, something else of the supernatural vein could possibly be on the loose in Beacon Hills and has already claimed a victim in a friend of Stiles. Will the real Big Bad please stand up?!?

First, let’s talk about Scott’s new sense of himself and his surroundings, and I don’t mean his super hearing and sight has improved. McCall took a seemingly throwaway lesson from economics class (risk and reward) and applied it to his latest werewolf related problem, which, if Derek had of chosen to listen, could’ve saved the both of them a few bruises and cuts and prevented Boyd and Cora’s escape. Scott’s recollection of the “risk and reward” lesson further shows just how much of an effective leader Scott is over Derek when it comes to planning. That doesn’t mean the resident alpha wolf isn’t trying to live up to his role as the leader of his pack, but his lack of an anchor of sorts is clearly showing when it comes down to making proper head strong decisions. It’s like the Buffy/Faith contrast where without the Scoobies, Buffy could have turned out just as messed up as her Slayer counterpart did. Scott has a family, friends, and a purpose in life other than being a werewolf, which helps him stay grounded and focused when it comes to serious situations which need a clear-headed individual to solve. Hopefully with these 24 episodes, Derek will actually take pointers from Scott for once and see for himself that he has to be more careful when it comes to handling the issues that befall him. Maybe the introduction of his lost sister Cora can help him move away from his path of destruction.

While Scott and Derek have their hands full with the Alpha Pack, there seems to be another supernatural force at hand and Stiles’s childhood friend might have become it’s latest victim. My predictions: 1) Lydia’s final screams at the end of the episode has to do with this new entity in town. She knows about the Alpha Pack problem, so her reaction had to have been for something else truly horrifying. 2) This new supernatural presence will show its hand during the midseason finale, taking over the Big Bad role from the Alpha Pack, or at least sharing the title for a while. It will be interesting to see Jeff Davis juggle two more villains, who hopefully don’t have anything in common like last year’s Kanima/Mike/Gerard connection.

Finally, let’s discuss the passing of the meek girl turned wolf vixen Erica, who was killed while in captivity with Boyd. The reveal of Erica’s death was a complete ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ moment, and besides Stiles and Derek praying for the poor girl’s safety, the subject wasn’t given a second thought for the rest of the episode. Luckily, the tragic fallout will begin next week, but am I the only one hoping Erica hasn’t seen her last full moon and will miraculously recover next week? Plus, how did she die? Teen Wolf 3.02Was it by Boyd’s hand or Cora’s? It really doesn’t matter, y’all, because Teen Wolf has lost some more sex appeal due to Erica’s sudden demise. A moment of silence to a true good girl gone bad…

Moments to Note:

– Derek’s sister Cora is alive and well. As stated above, I hope Cora will serve as an anchor for her Alpha brother to stop and think sometimes before using his brawn to face everything.

– Lydia clocking that one of the Alpha twins was gay. Have I ever said how much I love that damn girl?

– Stiles and Derek. The bromance continues and those two did not disappoint. The fist scene had me rolling, despite me knowing that Derek was going to lay Stiles’s ass out in some capacity. Too damn funny!

– More Danny, please? He’s lonely with Jackson and needs to be integrated more into the group sooner than later.

– Ms. Morrell is working with Deucalion?!? What for? I’m still picking up pieces of my jaw after that reveal. Plus, if Ms. Morrell is working for the bad guy, does that mean Dr. Deaton is doing the same thing as well?

– Why hasn’t Scott told Allison the truth about her mother trying to kill him? Did he think he was protecting her from something by withholding it? Bad move, Scott. However, I don’t think it will really effect them even more awkwardly than they already are. Plus, I wonder how Mr. Argent will feel about his daughter breaking their pact of staying out of Beacon Hills’s supernatural problem.

That’s all I have now, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a lot. What are your theories on this season of Teen Wolf so far?

Photo Credits: MTV, Teen Wolf Facebook Page

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