Taron Egerton as Wolverine Sounds Like a Plan

A lot of fans are excited about the prospect of the X-Men coming to the MCU, but there’s a big question on a lot of people’s minds when it comes to one of the most famous members of the team, and the one that kind of stole the show thanks to Hugh Jackman’s performance for so long. Who in the world is going to take on the part of Logan, aka Wolverine? There are definitely picks out there that people would love to see explored when it comes to the Canadian mutant that’s the best at what he does, but there are a lot of folks who, at this time, feel that Taron Egerton might be one of the best choices possible for a few reasons. One of those that’s the most important is that Taron is still relatively young and could sign on to become the clawed hero for a long time to come if he found it agreeable enough since one thing to think about would be that whoever does take the role could be set up for a while if they’re good enough to be kept around. 

The good news is that Taron is good enough when it comes to acting, though it would remain to be seen if he wanted the role, and if he could really adapt to it, before anything could move forward. Right now it all feels like a great deal of hope and not much more since it would appear that the MCU isn’t really fishing for someone that could fill the role since there’s so much more going on. The X-Men are definitely coming to the MCU, but the sense of urgency hasn’t been conveyed to the fans just yet since it does feel as though this group is being held in reserve at the moment in order to push other ideas forward first. That’s kind of indicative of how the X-Men have existed in the comics at times since despite their impressive and often very tragic backgrounds this team and the individuals in it are often pushed aside in favor of other heroes. 

But taking a look at Taron for the part of Wolverine would be a wise move in terms of youth and size, since he’s several inches shorter than Hugh Jackman, meaning that he’s closer in actually height to the character, and because sticking around could provide a big advantage to his career. As far as who else would be making their way onto the roster it’s tough to say at this moment since there have been a few individuals that have taken on the various roles on the team over the years that have been good, okay, and godawful. Plus, there is an idea that Magneto and Charles Xavier are no longer the desired leaders of the team or even the characters that people want to see any longer, but that’s another discussion/debate that would be interesting to have some other time. There have been other leaders that have taken control of the X-Men over the team’s history, and other factions that have emerged that are led by former X-Men. Wolverine has led the team, as has Storm, Cyclops, and anyone that seniority has been able to step up and teach/lead their fellow mutants in how to use their powers for the betterment of mutant kind or humanity. Even Emma Frost has taken a turn as a teacher. 

One thing about Taron that might be kind of a sticking point is whether or not he can tamp down his accent enough to really make the part work, since Wolverine has long been known as a Canadian through and through, but is also possessed of a very gruff voice that doesn’t sound English in the least bit. This is something that many people would likely roll their eyes at since it’s easy to think that Taron would be able to accomplish this, but it’s a concern all the same since some folks are able to keep their accent in check for a role, while with others it slips out on occasion either because they’re falling back into the habit of speaking normally or because there might be a part of the dialogue that is a bit challenging for them when speaking in an accept that isn’t their own.  In any case it does feel that Taron would be a good candidate for this role since his acting is on point, he’s in great shape, and he would likely be a decent replacement to put into an X-Men movie as Wolverine. Many people are likely to state that no one is going to replace Hugh Jackman, but the beauty of this is that no one is trying to replace him. Bringing in another actor for Wolverine would be a revival of sorts, and with the multiverse now in play, it would be perfectly okay to state that he’s from a different earth. 

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