Hugh Jackman Seems to Be Teasing a Return as Wolverine

Few things would make a lot of fans happier than seeing Hugh Jackman come back to play the part of Wolverine again, but it’s hard to imagine how this could happen, and it might be a giant tease anyway. Or, it could even be something along the lines of a suggestion to the MCU that it’s time to bring the X-Men out to play and include them in the MCU in the manner that people want to see. That’s kind of a double-edged blade though when one really thinks about it since the representation that the group has been given in the past hasn’t always been the best. The first movie that came out was enjoyed since people hadn’t been given anything before that other than the animated series, which was interesting. But if there’s one gripe that fans have about the X-Men, and there are plenty of them when it comes to their on-screen reputation, it’s that the manner in which each director has decided to display them has been all types of wrong. The first movie didn’t too badly with Wolverine since it depicted him as a loner that moved from place to place and never stuck around that long.

He was foul-tempered, didn’t really care about anyone, but actually did have a heart when it came to sticking up for others who couldn’t fend for themselves, as he did with Rogue, who was played by Anna Paquin. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine that Hugh Jackman might miss the character since he did play Wolverine for a number of years. But going back to the character would be kind of awkward since he did say that he was done. One thing that anyone should learn about Hollywood though is that anytime a person says they’re done with something doesn’t mean much since minds can be changed and roles can be picked up again if someone really wants to test their luck.

It might be just a tease, but it’s easy to see that people are bound to get excited about it all the same since Jackman starring as Wolverine again would make a lot of people happy considering that even after a few years of being out of the role, a lot of fans would still pay good money to see him get back into character. The only downfall would either be explaining how Logan came back. Is he another clone? Is there a possibility of showing him on his own before Professor X’s seizures presumably killed off the X-Men? There are a lot of questions but not enough answers, especially for something that might be kind of a fakeout, which Marvel has been apparently taken to doing in Phase 4. WandaVision was one of the earliest examples and while it’s happened in the phases that came before, on a lesser note, so far Phase 4 has been getting peoples’ hopes up and not delivering yet, so if this is a tease it would be great to hear it, otherwise, it would be kind of a pain in the rear to learn that people are getting excited for absolutely nothing at some point.

Granted, there are fanboys and superfans that might deserve such treatment for being too demanding and acting like the penultimate know it alls they’re depicted as so often, but the majority of the fanbase wouldn’t deserve such treatment as they’re the ones willing to sit down and watch just about anything that Marvel puts out, and are far less demanding and much more accepting. If this is for real, which is something that many people are doubting, then it would be difficult to think of where Jackman could come into the picture unless one is relying heavily on the multiverse, which is already being made out to be something that might be the miracle cure for everything that needs to happen, a MacGuffin of such epic proportions that it could keep various legends coming back as many times as they need to until one actor ages out and a younger version is needed. That sounds a bit dramatic but it’s always a possibility that someone is out there thinking about it. But again, the hope is that this is kind of a tease and nothing else.

Wolverine is by far one of the most famous characters from the X-Men, but it would be great to see other members get a bit of attention as the MCU continues forward and hopefully brings the X-Men into the picture at some point. Wolverine could be used as a catalyst to make this happen, but if it’s Jackman playing the part it’s likely that he could be introduced and then eventually phased out as time goes by. However it happens, this one instance has definitely managed to get the attention of the fans, as planned no doubt.

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