Meryl Streep Does a Lot of Charity Work But Doesn’t Always Get a Pass

Meryl Streep Does a Lot of Charity Work But Doesn’t Always Get a Pass

Meryl Streep Does a Lot of Charity Work But Doesn’t Always Get a Pass

A lot of us might look at Meryl Streep and in a universal manner see a great actress that’s accomplished a lot in her career and become something of an icon to many people and an irritant to others. That last part is largely because she is an outspoken individual and doesn’t always watch her words no matter that her heart is in the right place a lot of times. But thanks to sites such as Look to the Stars we’re at least able to glimpse just a little of what she does beyond the screen and see that, no matter what our opinion, she does try to help her fellow human beings. Ade Adeniji of Inside Philanthrophy takes it even further and goes on to describe just how invested she is in her work as a philanthropist and how she continually gives to charities each year without a thought for any reward.

This clip below provided by Brian’s Savage Mind is one reason why people might still be against Meryl since it proves my point that she doesn’t really weigh her words before letting them loose.

Do I like Meryl Streep? Not really, but not liking her isn’t enough to call her a bad person. She might be a little misguided on what qualifies as ‘arts’ but in truth she’s been one of the more impressive actresses that has come along throughout the last several decades and her ability has earned her a rather humongous following. There’s not much chance of arguing with those that see their favorite actors in such a dogmatic fashion, but added to this is her charity work and that alone kind of denotes that she is a decent human being, but again, with an opinion that not everyone might like.

There’s no way you can call Meryl a docile woman since she believes in going after what she sees as injustice not only from a charitable standpoint, but from an aggressive and very vocal stance as well. Her charities are her silent side without a doubt, the moment when she gets to give back, smile, and truly show how she appreciates her fellow human beings. But after the charity work is done she’s definitely one that shouts among the loudest of them for the inequality that still exists in this world and seeks to find justice for those that don’t have a fair shake at life. To some this makes her almost angelic, to others it makes her human, and to those that still don’t like her for their own reasons it does bestow a kind of grudging respect that doesn’t allow them to forgive past statements but does allow the admittance that she is in fact a person that can and does show that she cares.

In some ways Meryl Streep is a very complicated woman since she does look out for people and she does profess to respect just about everyone. But her speech at the Golden Globes in which she decided to state that if one took away Hollywood there would be nothing to watch but the NFL and MMA, which are not arts in her opinion, kind of damaged her credibility just a bit those few years ago. If anything it set a great many people against her since the fan base for both sports tends to be larger than the turnout for the Oscars or the Golden Globes. The funny thing about this is that while many people would gladly watch sports and movies and not see fit to pick between them, Streep is one of those that happens to think that bashing sports in a speech is a worthy cause since she puts so much more stock in what she does and can’t seem to see the worth of something else that people love to watch. Oh well, that speech is over and done with, and the numbers don’t lie. It’s kind of amusing since Antoinette Bueno of ET posted a reaction by the president of Bellator MMA Scott Coker, who invited Meryl to an MMA event to show her just how much of an art MMA really is.

Meryl has done a lot of good in her life and continues to do so, but it does need to be said that for every positive thing she does there are times when her words seem to run away from her, or perhaps paint a picture for people that is less flattering than the humanitarian she’s been seen as for so long.

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