Chris Hemsworth Has Become a Master at the Photobomb

Of all the actors out there who are handsome and buff, Chris Hemsworth is by far the best at making fun of just how handsome and buff he is.  My personal favorite was the fake American Express commercial he did on SNL.  You might remember this line:  “They said Chris Hemsworth was too tall and too blonde to be an actor but if a jacked Australian with a perfect face can make it, anyone can.”  Just in case you forgot about it, here it is.

But Hemsworth’s made no attempt to hide his chiseled looks and frame.  He’s notorious for posting Instagram videos of his workouts for his roles as Thor.  There’s clearly a serious side that wants to show off the work that got him here but at the same time he won’t hesitate to make a total joke out of it.  Recently he shared this picture on his Instagram account with the caption “Hey guys, get out of my shot.” Evidently two of his friends were interrupting his cool stroll by the pool without his shirt on.

If there’s one cardinal rule in life, it’s not to get in the way of Chris Hemsworth when he has no shirt on and is holding a beer in his hand getting ready to take a photo.

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Hey guys get out of my shot @lukemun @aprilmun

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